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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Revised Stampin' Up Craftroom! Video too!

Boy have I been busy this past week! A week ago I decided to move my inks off of the foam core holder my husband made and into another storage unit, I had. Well that made me decide to totally redo the room and it has taken a week! I used to have a huge desk/art table on this wall. It was the kids art desk and was this long and about 5' deep. I decided I wanted a simpler look so I moved my cubes over here. I set up a little display that makes me happy! At the end, I posted a Video!

The display sits where the art table used to, on the one full sized wall. You see my craftroom is my Dining Room and you enter it from the left of these shelves through French Glass doors from the Living Room. It is flanked on both side by these tall shelves which I really want to take down!

Center Display where I can display the paper pack and cards we are working on for my classes. My classes are taught in the kitchen. This wall has the kid's art work from pre-school!

Other Shelf, Ottoman with Stampin' Up magazines and catalog for guests to look at. The Mini Catalogs are on those clips on the board on the right. "Gifts" are on the shelves for my blog drawings for people who order on my Online Site.

My very messy desk! I love the baskets on it though. It is a "ladder desk" See my blog on my computer!

Other side of desk, this goes into the kitchen

My work area or Stampin' Station.  This is where I work, well play because I love my job!

The full view. I know it looks crowded but right now it is neat, just for you! 
To the left is my little "mailing area". I run long distance hostess clubs and I have to mail their packages out to them each month. 

Wall with older style punches. Other punches are in drawers on on that shelf

Lots of storage under my desk. This is always neat. It is the top of my desk that is always a disaster! Even from making one little card!

Storage for my Clear Mount Stamp Cases. I found all the racks at a Scrapbook Garage Sale!

My "Big Shot Station" I used the Foam Core holder that my husband made and use it for my Big Shot dies. The basket has more. The container to the right has my Envelopes and Whisper White and Confetti and Natural Papers

My center island work station. This is for my little girl. I used the cubes I had and then added the desk tops. It makes a great area for my Big Shot and for one on one classes or just to have a friend over. My Classes are held in the kitchen.

My side, which I can swivel around from my work desk has my Stampin' Up Cardstock and Patterned Paper Stacks. Drawers have Stampin' Up Embellishements and tools

Overall view from the kitchen. French doors are to the left and bay window to the right. Oh it looks so ugly and busy from this view but it was worse with that big desk in there!

Ok, now I still have this huge mess in my Living Room and no where to put it! It was all in my kitchen this past week too! I wasn't going to let myself come out and craft until it was all put away, but this is going to take me forever. I see a "Craft Garage Sale" in the future when it cools down here.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed. Most of the storage areas are several years old and I am not sure they can be found again. 

For even more, click HERE for a 

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Only Two More days to sign up for $99. Why should I sign up?

I bet you are so tired of seeing this old post! However, I can not express to you how great of a deal this is! Do I want everyone in the world to be a Stampin' Up Demonstrator? No, but would I feel badly if I did not let YOU know about this? YES!

So bear with me for the next two days. I will be keeping this post up through Sunday because Sunday is the last day that you can sign up on this special price!
 You- What deal? What price?
Me- In case you have not heard, we, meaning Stampin' Up is offering a $99 sign up Special!
You- What do you get for $99?
Me- Over $185 in Product and Business Supplies!
I'll show you!
You chose the following and can customize!
Your choice of 2 stamps ( valued up to $21.95 and $24.95- wood or clear)
2 Ink pads of your choice- great way to get some of the IN Colors!
1 package of Designer Paper
1 package of 8.5 x 11 Card Stock 
1 package of 20 Whisper White Note Cards
1 roll of the darling Scallop Polka Dot Ribbon
1 Snail Adhesive

Also, if you put in any size demonstrator order in August or September you get this gorgeous Christmas Keepsake Box! I will be getting one in August, since I have signed up a few ladies,  and let me tell you, I saw one at Convention and the photos do not do it justice!

You- Wow that is a lot of beautiful things for just $99! 
Do I have to sell? 
When would I have to order next if I do sell?

Me- No you do not have to sell. You may be a Hobbyist- one who signs up just for the discount. That is how I started and then in less than a year earned a trip to Utah and an Alaskan Cruise!
If you do decide to stick with it you do not need to order until December! December- that is about 6 months from now!

You- do I get a discount?

Me- Yes, you get 20% off but you have a chance to earn up to 40% off! If you place your first $150 order you get 30% off! You do not even have to order again but the perks are great and so is the company!

You- Wow that sounds great! How do I sign up under you??

Me- Well first I would love to talk to you about this great opportunity, but then you can go to my site at http://www.snowmanlover.stampinup.net
then go to the right where it says Join the Fun and then to the left where it says Join. My password is oreo cookie
So instead of talking to myself here on my blog,
If you would love to have this opportunity, please click the email button on the right side of my blog or email me at snowmanlover 2 at yahoo dot com

Me- So what are you waiting for!!! I would hate for you to miss out! Why do I keep promoting this, because I truly believe this is the most wonderful company to work for. The staff, the friendships, the discounts, the product!
Whether you chose to be a Hobbyist or a Demonstrator,  I would love to have you on my Snowmanlover's Stampers team!

Barbara Gornick
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am rich in stamps!

Well I am certainly not rich and not rich with tons of Stampin' Up stamps, but I have been working on my craftroom/office for a week and I found a ton of Postage Stamps, sooooo,
Anyone who orders from my Online Site in July gets a little Thank You Card, that they can reuse! 

Also anyone who orders in July on my Online Store will be getting the next 
Holiday Mini Catalog 
sent to them in September!!!
I am not able to send them out to everyone anymore as I went from earning 180 for free to earning 30 for free due to a drop in my sales:(

Thank you for following my blog and being such great customers!

A few things to remember for July.......
*Order $100 and you will receive a New 2011-2012 Catalog ($10 value)
*Sign up to be on my team by Sunday! $99 Special
*1 Spot left in my Designer Paper Share

Hurry before July is over or it will be too late!!

I can't wait to make some new things but I have worked non stop on my room since Saturday and won't let myself play until all the work is done! Most of my things are still all over the living room and kitchen.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy here!

What have I been up to, you might ask? Or you might not care!
I have spent the last 4 days re-doing my Craftroom. Yes, again, again, again for about the 5th time. 
I used to have 2 big deep desks and one giant 4x6 foot 'art table" as I called it. My husband made it for the kids about 7 years ago. It used to have rolling drawer tubs under it but then I put jetmax cubes under it. Well Saturday night, after my workshop I started rearranging my stamp desk and stayed up till 2 am. Next day at 7 am I took out the big art desk and moved my jetmax cubes against the wall. I always wanted a long wall of them but due to the two tall shelves on the side, could only fit in 4. 

Here is the "After"  photo of the wall

I lost a huge workspace but it is neat and crisp looking. Oh that second glass door has two baskets in it too. Those magazine holders in the glass door are actually in another cube elsewhere. I am not sure about the wicker baskets. What do you think?  I do have wicker baskets on my tall shelves too. The tall shelves flank both sides of this new structure. I was so lucky to find the desktops when they told me they were not in existence any longer!

"Before" look- the big Art Desk- stored so much 

I loved the room much more open but then I decided to clutter it up some more and make a  double sided "workspace/desk" island in the middle for my little girl.

Here are some photos of both sides of the island. I still have my big office desk and my big stamping desk in here too and plenty more cubes.

All I have to do now is turn around from my desk in my lazy ole' swivel chair and I can reach my paper, my cutter and my Big Shot! I don't even have to get up!
This side houses my Stampin' Up Carstock and Patterned Paper Packs. The drawers have tools in them and some embellishments. 

This side has junky paper for my little girl to use. It is old and from the "craft stores" and I no longer use that paper. It is not as good as quality and does not "matchy match" but is handy to have around so my daughter does not have to ask to use my Stampin' Up paper on her school projects! She can have "free reign" on my junky junk paper but has to ask to use my Stampin' Up paper!  I even put a Grid Paper Pad on there for her to use.

I lost a lot of space when I took out the big table. You can look over to the right side on my blog and there is a video of an older look>>>>>>>

I will post when I have it totally finished but am just letting you know why I have not been around for days! 

Ok, I have not forgotten about my dear customers!

*Thank you for your July orders!
I greatly appreciate them!
*Remember if you order $100 in July you get a free catalog (with ship- $10 value!
If you "pre-reserved" your catalog in June, then you will get $5 back when you order $50 in July! 

I still have 3 spots left in my Designer Paper Share!! I am ready to order as soon as it fills up! Please reply soon! Please click HERE to view photos!

Also do not forget that the $99 Sign Up Special with free gift, ends on July 31st!! Please contact me right away if you would like to be on my Snowmanlover's Stampers Team! Please click HERE for more information what you get! 

Only a few days left!  This is too good to pass up! Don't miss out! Shoot me an email or go to my site at http://www.snowmanlover.stampinup.net and sign up! My password is oreo cookie, but I would really love to chat with you first!

Great way to get a jump start on the Holidaze and get a discount!

Have a great Wednesday! 

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Workshop Fun!

Well the Convention has been over for a week and it was a week of tons of work! I worked non stop on getting my long distance club orders out, my paper and ribbon shares and also on reorganizing my Craft room. {When I am finished I will show you photos}  Oh yes, I also had a Workshop at my home. I hold a class once a month at my home so if you live in the Dallas area and would like to join me check on the right side of my blog for my schedule and contact me!

We always make 3 items and this is what we made on Saturday

I actually did 2 classes that day on the same thing! I only like to take 6 at a time so they have more individual attention and I needed space for 7 so  I split them up. It ended up only being  6 so I guess I could have done it all together. Here is the morning group.

My sweet neighbor Linda

My wonderful, true blue customer friend, Lori, who makes every class and is always in one of my clubs!  Paula came for the 1st time and did a wonderful job! She found me through Stampin' Up, after stamping at her mom's out of town. What a sweet girl! We loved having you, Paula! Paula is going to Skype with her mom and show her the cards we made! Did she like them Paula?

Barb T. What a fantastic artist. She helped us with our coloring. I met Barb T. from the Message Boards! I am glad you started coming to classes!

And then there is me, Barb G, looking very tired after my crazy week. I am showing how I have an image of the snowman stamp on my hand!

Round 2 started at 4 and Amy and Maria came. It was a smaller group but we had fun!
I met Amy, at my daughter's Horse Show last month. It ended up that she recognized me from a blog post I made about a year and a half ago! How she recognized me I don't know because it was so hot at that horseshow that, my hair looked like a dandylion that day!


Marie, ah sweet Marie! Marie hung around afterwards till about 8 and helped me clean up. I think we could talk for hours. I just met Amy and Marie a month ago but I feel like I have known them both a long time. Maybe because we all are "talkers" (no offense)  Probably because they are both addicted to Stampin' Up like I am!

Here is a photo of the Morning Group's Scalloped Circle Cards. Didn't they do a great job! I worked them hard!

They each chose whatever sentiment they wanted from the Curly Cute Stamp Set

After they left, I stayed up till 2 am and cleaned one of my 3 desks! I then got up at 6 am and spent yesterday rearranging my craft room and took out my largest work area. What was I thinking!! If I ever get it all cleaned up , I will show you photos! I just can't find the space now!

Well I hope everyone has a great week. What would make my week even greater is to help someone sign up to be on my Snowmanlover's Stamp Team! Don't miss out on the $99 Sign Up Special that is good for one week only!
Click HERE and HERE to find out more!!

Happy Week!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Round of my Stampin' Up Designer Paper Shares!

Good morning! How did you like my Convention Highlights this week!
Today I am having two card classes so it is a busy day.  But........

  Due to poplular demand, I am doing another round of Designer Paper Shares!! 

Oh don't you want ALL of our gorgeous Designer Series Paper! 
I have a way you can get it ALL! 

How about a 6x6 Sample of each of the 16 gorgeous 2011-2012 
 Designer Series Packs!

Each Share will have 96, 6x6, Gorgeous Double Sided Sheets of paper for you!
You will have 6, 6x6 sheets from 16 different Designer Packs of Paper!
Cost is $35 for 1 share which includes postage and pay pal *
(2 shares is $65!)  Come take a peek!


*Price includes includes Shipping and Pay Pal to the US only
This is a 1 time cost.
I have 6 spots left!

Don't forget there are only 8 more days to sign up for the $99 Special!
Click HERE for more information!
I would love to have you on my Snowmanlover's Stampers Team! 

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