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Saturday, January 9, 2010


HI there friends!
Sorry I have not been on much this week but I have been so busy, that I have barely had time to breathe!! I was sick over the holidays, then on New Years Eve I was going to start my taxes and work all weekend, well I didn't because....
I decided to give Project 365 a try! What is Project 365? It is where you take a photo a day and make a scrapbook, blog , blogbook, and journal about your POTD-Photo of the Day.
Well I worked on it non stop from New Year's Eve through Sunday night. When I get an idea in my head, it won't go away. I want to thank Bridget L for inspiring me to start this journey. I am doing mine a bit differently. First I set up a private blog. It looks so cute. Really simple but really nice I think. I post a photo or several photos a day and journal about them but I write my posts as a letter to my children. I am putting more than one photo a day though and spending time on the journaling. That is because I am yacky!! If I can make it 365 days, I will turn it into a blog book.
I am also planning on scrapbooking it and this is the part I have been stressing about. I can't decide whether to do it digitally or scrappy or hybrid? I also did something different and made a Cover Page for the month of January and across from it put a calendar sheet where I will jot down what we do. This is what is in the photo above.
But I really think I want to do it digitally and use the cute elements I have and just "bullet" journal. I just got my Stampin' Up My Design Studio and love it. Also a very dear friend of mine, just bought me Photo Shop classes so I can learn that as well and incorporate the two. Decisions, Decisions. But that is where I have been, working on this 365 project.
Also what a busy week for SU!! We started our new catalog and sale and I have worked non stop on my orders from Monday morning thru Wednesday afternoon, trying to get all my club orders in. I have so many different types of clubs going on but I have it very organized! 2 Marker Clubs, 1 $37.50 Club, 1 $50 Club and 1 Sale-a-bration Club, not to mention my Ribbon Shares and Card Kits and my other two current clubs! Whew, just organizing it to put the order in, took hours of work. Now just wait till all those huge boxes of goodies arrive next week. Gosh I won't be able to come up for air!!
I also spent the day taking down Christmas stuff and put most of my darling snowmen away. I just didn't want to put them away!
Then I re- organized my Craft room because one of my customer friends mentioned it does not look like it in person like it does in the video on my blog! I told her that is because I bought so much more. I do like the way I set it up though. Now maybe once I get my taxes and my SU Club orders and Shares and Kits out, I will finally have some time to craft. Had to get organized first.
Well I am busy, but I am happy and just wanted to stop in and say hello and let you know I have not been ignoring you!
Back to working on My Design Studio- if you haven't tried it, you should! So much fun and so easy!


eiyiyi said...

And you slept, when???? Wow you are just a whirlwind this month! Sounds like you're having a great time. hugs to you,eileen

~BridgetL~ said...

Barb you are too funny, I can't believe all that you get done. I know you will make it to the end of the 365 and still do all of you other things.
Now for me to get the digi stuff down.

Enfys said...

Good luck with 365 Barb, looking forward to seeing how you get on.
big hugs
En xx

Live Love and Scrap said...

Wow Barb, I am exhausted after reading that zzzzzzzz.....

Have fun with the 365 project....I love Bridget's blog and I know yours will be great too!!!


~ Lorrie ~ said...

I love your 365 blog and I know you're going to finish the project. Your craft room has got to be awesome... one of these days I'm coming to see it!!! Can you imagine, we'd get nothing done, but "puter stuff! LOL

Have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY Tomorrow!!!!

Love ya!