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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stampin' Up Marker/STAMPIN SPOT CLUB

I have been wanting to do a Marker Club but wanted to combine it with something else so you can get hostess benefits . Well tonight I used the one Chocolate Chip Stampin Spot that I got with a card set on the back page of the catalog and fell in LOVE with it!

Gosh I would love to have every single Stampin Spot so...........

How about a Marker/Stampin Spot Club!!!

This is how it works. I will need 4 people for 4 months. Each month you will receive one color family of the Stampin' Write Markers ( 12 ) and one matching color family of the Craft Stampin Spots ( 12 )!

Each month one of you will get to be Hostess!
On your hostess month you will each get a Level One Hostess Stamp Set of your choice
( page 17-19 in current catalog.)
You will also receive the marker case and of course your set of 12 Markers and 12 Stampin Spots.

At the end of the four months each participant will receive the pack of 4 Neutral Markers valued at $10.95 and a pack of Stampin Dimensionals(300). This will come from the Hostess dollars earned. You will also get a roll of 1/4" ribbon.

....So by the end of 4 months you should have all 4 color families of the Markers and Case, all 4 color family sets of Stampin Spot, plus the Neutral Markers, a pack of Stampin Dimensionals and a Level One Hostess Stamp Set and the ribbon too!

The cost is $76 per month for four months. This includes the cost of shipping to me and then back to you, if you live in the US.
I will accept Pay Pal.

If you sign up you must commit to all four months in order for this to work for everyone. Once all four months are paid for you will get the Neutral Markers and Stampin Dimensionals. I will require payment by the 15th of each month, please.

If you are interested, please EMAIL me with your name, and the email you would like me to send your paypal invoice to. TO EMAIL, go to the scalloped circle with the SU logo on it, down to the right a bit. :)

I will get back to you immediately!



Sandy from Ukiah said...

Wow, I wish I could do it...

~BridgetL~ said...

Me too :(

Magoo said...

HEY!!! Your blog looks great!!! I LOVE that owl, it goes PERFECTLY with your background!!! LOVE IT!!! :) :) Glad to see that nothing is circling anymore :) LOL!!!!