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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stampin' Up Catalogs

Did you miss out on ordering a 2009-2010 Stampin' Up Catalog/Idea book?

I am placing another order due to so many requests!

If you would like one,they are $8.50 which includes mailing it to you and some Coupons too!

Please Email me if you missed out and would like to purchase a catalog.
If you end up gathering orders I send back your $ for the catalogs!! Please click the Pay Pal Button below to order your Catalog today!

Thank you, Barb

The Final Cake!

Here is my little girl's final cake! For being only 11, I think she did a great job! Kudos to my little one!
The roses kind of flopped and she was so down on herself but I told her, look what you learned in 3 weeks! She missed the first class.
We met such fun people and we are all going on to Level 2 class. Except me, I am there just to chaperone but I sure have fun!!!
By the way, it tasted great!!
I would love if you leave a comment for her!!! She did the decorating entirely herself!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Puppies and Cakes! Oh My!

Good Morning!
I have been asked to post my little girl's cakes so here goes!!!
We made this cake for my son's friend. They invited him to spend this weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge for their son's birthday!!! How neat is that! Anyway his name is Jordan but his younger brother and sister call him JERDAN! His Birthday was in May but I wanted to do something special and fun for him. My little girl baked the cake for him and at her suggestion, we put JERDAN on the cake! We didn't get to sample it, but my son called and said it was the best cake we made so far!
We have had trouble with icing the cake and getting it flat but this one turned out a bit better. She did not do much to decorate it but it still looks nice!

My dog Meatball is so funny. Both of the dogs always bring us a toy when we come in. Meatball is bigger but usually Oreo steals it away from him to bring to us. This morning Meatball had this big toy and he wasn't letting go. He just rolled over on his back and held it still like this, in this position for about 10 minutes. We looked to see if he was alive as he looked like a stuffed animal. They weren't fighting over it but it was so funny to see him so still with the toy for so long. Guess you had to be there! Then Oreo just came up and snuggled with him. I love my pups so much!

Monday, June 22, 2009

NEW Stampin' Up IN COLOR Marker Club!!

Yippee!! The new Stampin' UP IN COLOR markers are soon to be here! Starting July 1st these can be ordered!

I am starting a new Marker Club that will include the NEW IN COLOR markers. This club will include 4 members and last 4 months . Each member will have one month with Hostess Benefits!

Each month, each member will get One color family (12 markers) of the wonderful Stampin' Up markers. Did you know you can use these to stamp with too!!!!

The Color Families are:
Bold Brights
Earth Elements
Rich Regals
Soft Subtles

On the month you are "Hostess" you will receive:
Your set of 12 markers from one color family and in addition ALL of the following items!
1 set of the Neutral Markers (4)
1 set of the NEW IN Color Markers (6)
1 Level One Hostess Stamp Set - wow these are from the new upcoming catalog and are sooo neat!
$15 in product of your choice!
AND the Storage Case that holds the 48 Markers from the 4 color families! This is really nice too!

The cost is just $52 per month for 4 months
I am trying to get this started before the end of this month so I can order soon please.

If you sign up you must commit to all four months.

The first person to sign up gets the first month to get hostess credit,
the next gets te next and so on. It takes 4 people to make this work so you can get hostess credit!

This is a great way to get all the markers that SU has to offer, but spreads the price out over 4 months.

At the end of four months, each member will have a complete set of the 48 markers with the Storage Case, all 4 Neutral markers, all 6 of the new IN COLOR markers, a Level 1 Hostess set and $15 in FREE merchandise.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by hitting the little email button.

This is First Come, First Serve and I tend to fill up very fast on my clubs and shares.
My coupons not applicable on clubs or shares
Pay Pal accepted and shipping to the US

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

On Mother's Day and Father's day we like to enjoy the simple pleasures and the sweet sentiments. As far as gifts, we can buy ourselves what we like, but we enjoy the thoughtful homemade kind that the kids make.

My little girl made this candy bar wrapper for her daddy. She used her Stampin' Up Sock Monkey Stamp. She just loves that stamp.

The bag is something the kids made last year for my husband. We saw it in a craft magazine. We just refilled it again this year with peanuts! I also have a darling little boy. He is just not mentioned as much and that is because he does not craft! He does make very nice cards but likes to make computer generated cards, so I guess he is more into the Digital stuff!!! He does come up with some darling stuff though.

Check out these darling cupcakes! The recipe is from Disney Family Entertainment

Too bad I did not see this sooner. I am so tired of baking and still have to bake one more cake tomorrow for class on Monday. These are darling. I think I am kind of getting into this cake making stuff. I have subscribed to some really fun cupcake blogs!! For a girl who disliked cake, yes disliked it, I have gained weight over the past two weeks with all this baking! p.s. we did not make these, this is from the recipe site!

Here is a quick card I whipped up from the dogs. It is just K&Company stickers on some cardstock. Inside sentiment is Stampin'Up

Friday, June 19, 2009

My little girl's cake class

Here are the cakes!

The blue one was the first cake my little girl made for her class, this last Monday. It is a cake for Meatball's special day! That is the day we got him. It didn't look so great but it tasted wonderful! By the way, Meatball and Oreo do not get to eat the cake, only doggie treats!

The second cake is for Father's Day. Gosh we can not ice at all. We baked last night and the cake looked heavenly. We chilled it in the refrigerator over night. The icing was made this morning and the cake iced this afternoon. We did a crumb layer first and then refrigerated it for 30 minutes. We even "caressed" the cake with Viva Paper Towels after letting it sit for 15 minutes as was suggested by our instructor. We just can not ice.

But check out our darling little Fondant Bumble Bees!!! That was not part of our assignment but we have been watching a bunch of tutorials and thought these were so cute. I forgot the name of the lady who we got the idea from for these bees. It was on a video. The stringy green stuff is supposed to be grass.

My husband pointed out to us that he quits breathing when stung by bees. I think he was kind of wondering why we did bees.

I think for just turning 11, she is doing a great job!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wild Card Circle Card

I just love this paper. Double sided paper is just my favorite!!!
Wild Card Cartridge
computer generated circle tag
The Wild Card Cart also makes the most darling envelopes! I just used my Scor Pal to make it.

Ladybug Ladybug

I just love the Mini Monograms and Walk in My Garden Carts!!!Sorry the lettering turned out backwards!!The ladybug opens up on the purple layout!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cake Class!

We spent all morning baking a cake, making the icing, making more icing to decorate it and after the cake cooled, we turned it over and it flopped. I think the cake thought it was a souffle.

I guess I better stick to paper crafting. The cake decorating class is really for my little girl but I still have to help her so it is taking up a lot of time. Now I also have subscribed to cake making blogs so that is more computer time.
I miss my paper crafts!!!!
....later, well it was too mushy to ice but it tasted great!

Next day, June 18th , off to bake another one. The problem is the pan is deep and we are to make one cake and then slice it for the two layers. I think it needed more cooking time. Needless to say, it disappeared faster than the iced cakes do!!!

Evelyn, if you are stopping by the blog today, I am waving hello!!! (Evelyn is in our cake class)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today is Meatball's Special Day!

Yippee, we got Meatball two years ago today!!
Since we celebrate the kid's adoptions on the day we got them, we also make sure our dogs get a "Special Day" too.
Usually I have a big treat for the dogs and then the people get a cake but since we need a cake for our cake class tomorrow, we can wait till then.
See my post waaaaay at the bottom, that is Meatball's cake from last year. It looks just like him!! Of course he did not get any!!
Oh I love him so!!
This photo is of him two years ago today. He was 8 weeks old.
He is not that cute now!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Honest Award- thank you Melissa!

Another award. Gosh ladies, thank you Melissa from Mel's Thoughtful Spot.
I can't keep up and have been giving out awards to people who already have the same awards so I am going to do something different, I am going to make this award up for grabs for someone who has NEVER received an award yet. Normally this goes out to 7 other Honest Scrappers, so be honest and IF you have never received an award, email me and I will put your link to your blog on my list!! How does that sound?
Ok I have to list 10 honest things about me!
1. I try to always be kind to others and make them feel good
2. It was always my dream to adopt children Internationally- 12 of them from 12 different countries! ( we did two kids, same country)
3. I taught in the inner city for almost 20 years
4. I would love to adopt another baby, really! I am too old for that!
5. I did my Thesis for my Master's Degree on Foreign Adoption even before we adopted!
6. I love being a mom more than anything!
7. I have a new addiction- Vera Bradley purses and accessories
8. I stay up late at night emailing Magoo and Lorrie and re-doing my blog
9. I love love love Fried Chicken
10. To be perfectly HONEST, I would LOVE for YOU to FOLLOW my BLOG!!!

I will award these to 7 people who have never had an award. Just email me your name. Then I will put it on here and link it to your blog. Then you will need to post on your blog and thank and link me and then pass it on and link to 7 others and list 10 honest things about yourself. Ok be Honest, I know someone wants this award??

So this one if up for grabs but no one has grabbed it yet!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Home Decor Little Birdie Cards

I have wanted this cart for sooooo long! I did borrow it awhile back from my friend, Gina. She had not even used it yet and was kind enough to let me borrow hers!
...Then my dear mb friend Lisa from Louisiana JUST sent it to me to surprise me with it and before I could open it, I find out Provo Craft is sending me a bundle to sample!!

Last night I rak'd the one Lisa gave me with her permission, to someone on the Cricut Message Boards. Our RAK- Random Act of Kindness- was that they had to tell us something KIND they had done for someone else in order to be entered into the drawing! It was such a positive and uplifting thread and we enjoyed all the entries. Of course it would have been too hard to chose so we did a random drawing. It was really a touching thread, as there are so many giving people on those boards. We wanted to accentuate the positive on the boards since at times some people can be not so nice! Sandy is the winner and your cart is on the way!

My gosh, two of these at once after longing for one for so long!! It was well worth the wait! I also mentioned on another thread that if local mb people or friends would like to borrow any of these I would loan them out and consider them "Community Property" since I was so blessed to have received them.

Here are two cards that I posted earlier this spring, when I had borrowed Gina's cart, but I will post again. More details are given about these cards lower down in my posts. I love this little birdie!!

~More Simply Sweet Sneak Peek!!

Tomorrow is my little girl's "Special Day". We adopted her 10 years ago!!! We celebrate it real big with just family. I made her the card the other night and today after my cake decorating class I came home and whipped up this layout page for tomorrow.
The font and flowers are from the soon to be released Simply Sweet cart.
I have to say, after seeing Regina Easter's Mushroom Blog Hop, I had to RUN out yesterday and get the Tinkerbell Cart, just for that one stinkin'cute adorable mushroom!! They were soooo much fun to make. They have a lot of detail but you can not really tell by this photo. I can't wait to make a ton more mushrooms!
I am really lovin' this Simply Sweet Cart and I think you will too!!

Stampin' Up Scalloped Punch
Simply Sweet Cart
Tinkerbell Cart

Stampin' Up Bashful Blue Cardstock

Wow 100 followers!

I just started blogging in March but now have 99 followers. I wonder who will be the 100th!!!
Thanks for following!!! OH now I have 100 followers!! Thanks for following Myra B. I love your blog too!! I am not doing a drawing for this, I just gave away a cart on a kindness rak, but I just noticed when I got home it was at 99 and now it is at 100!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jubilee Cart

Jubilee is another cart that they sent from Provo Craft for me to sample. It is a really fun cart!!! All the cuts on here are from Jubilee with the exception of the cloud which is from Stand and Salute Cart. It is hard to see the details in this photo but using various Cuttlebug folders gave it some dimension and added some fun to it. I love using the D'Vine Swirls for the sky, Swiss Dots for the clouds and Bloom Dots for the tree.. I am going to make a layout page with this too! It is a darling cart and cuter than I expected. I can't wait to use the houses. If I was still a teacher, every student would have his/her own little monogramed house!

Cuttlebug Folders- Swiss Dots, D'Vine Swirl, Bloom Dots, and Spots & Dots
Jubilee Cart
Stand and Salute Cart

Stampin' Up Certainly Celery Cardstock
Stampin' Up Chocolate Chip Ribbon

Simply Sweet Birthday Card

This Simply Sweet cart is not released yet, but when it is, you will want it. It has a darling little whimsical font, cute graphics and some great features including Tab, Blocked, Stitched, Heart, Shadow and Blackout.

This is a birthday card for a dear friend. I got the idea off the featured project. I actually made the featured project first but decided to play around with it.
I love the Happy Birthday wording at the bottom of the card! If you look closely at the circle you can see the "stitched" effect! I also "cuttlebugged" the printed patterns to give it a "quilted" look.

Simply Sweet Cricut Cartridge
Swiss Dots Cuttlebug Folder
Bloom Dots Cuttlebug Folder

Stampin' Up Raspberry Tart Designer Paper- I used three different patterns
Stampin' Up Certainly Celery Paper
Stampin' Up Certainly Celery Paper

My little girl came up with the idea to have cards open with a tie ribbon. She has been doing this design for about a year now so it is her original idea that I "scraplifted"!
I started with the 6x6 card that was in the featured project but decided to make it taller. I used the Cuttlebug on the cardstock but I am not sure you can tell by the photo. I also used it on some of the paper to give it a "quilted" look.

My first cards with Simply Sweet Cricut Carts

This Simply Sweet Cart is soon to be released. It is a font cart and is simply darling!! I love the whimsical letters and it has many neat features.
This one is a card for my little girl's "Special Day" celebration. This Tuesday marks 10 years that we adopted her. We celebrate it just like a birthday but even with more fun special traditions! I am going to make a special lay out page to match it.

Tools used:
Simply Sweet Cricut Cartridge

CTMH Magical Moments Paper
Stampin' Up Chocolate Chip Ribbon

The darling little flower and the "love" were on this cart!

I hope she likes it!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cricut's Home Decor and Jubliee Carts

Here are two more of the carts that Provo Craft sent. I am so thrilled as I was not able to get the promo with those carts. I am so glad I held out. I am honored to have received these from Provo Craft to promo. These are two wonderful carts!!!

Sneak Peek of Cricut Simply Sweet Cart

Who needs another font cart? YOU do!!
Oh I just am going to love playing with this cart! The kids got out of school today so tonight I am going to have so much fun with this new Cartridge. I think it might be one of my favorites!

Sneak Peek Of Cricut Stand and Salute Cart!

Here is a sneak peek of the cover of the Stand and Salute Cricut Cart that Provo Craft sent me. This is such a neat cart!!! Please tell me what ya'll think of this neat cart? This would be so great for those of you that make cards for soldiers but has many other uses as well. I can't wait to create a 'Becoming a Citizen" page for my little girl.

New Cricut Carts Sneak Peeks are here!!

I was honored to receive a call from the nicest man, at Provo Craft. He called to let me know that Provo Craft was sending me 4 carts to sample!
Now my job is to get YOU all excited about the new Cricut Carts and show you some fun things that can be done with them!! You will love these carts. What is so neat about them as there are many uses for them other than what you just think they are intended for.
Please stay tuned and check back often for some projects done in the upcoming days. I will be making some samples out of the Stand and Salute, Simply Sweet, Home Decor and Jubilee carts. I am just an average ole' scrapper so bear with me. You should see what some of the others sampling this promo are doing!!

Thank you Provo Craft, MB, MH & BR!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Stampin Up' Summer Fun!

Ask me what supplies you need to make these for your campers or VBS!!!

Would love to hear your comments on some of these fun things!!