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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Puppies and Cakes! Oh My!

Good Morning!
I have been asked to post my little girl's cakes so here goes!!!
We made this cake for my son's friend. They invited him to spend this weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge for their son's birthday!!! How neat is that! Anyway his name is Jordan but his younger brother and sister call him JERDAN! His Birthday was in May but I wanted to do something special and fun for him. My little girl baked the cake for him and at her suggestion, we put JERDAN on the cake! We didn't get to sample it, but my son called and said it was the best cake we made so far!
We have had trouble with icing the cake and getting it flat but this one turned out a bit better. She did not do much to decorate it but it still looks nice!

My dog Meatball is so funny. Both of the dogs always bring us a toy when we come in. Meatball is bigger but usually Oreo steals it away from him to bring to us. This morning Meatball had this big toy and he wasn't letting go. He just rolled over on his back and held it still like this, in this position for about 10 minutes. We looked to see if he was alive as he looked like a stuffed animal. They weren't fighting over it but it was so funny to see him so still with the toy for so long. Guess you had to be there! Then Oreo just came up and snuggled with him. I love my pups so much!


Magoo said...

wow!!! that cake looks great, how did you get the white icing so smooth? Really nice!!!!
Your puppies are soooo cute and funny~do they bring you different toys each time? they make me laugh :) :)


Magoo, they bring us a toy or whatever they can find, even a dishtowel!
If I take them to the groomer, there is not a toy around so anyone that walks up to Meatball is greeted by him bringing his leash in his mouth to them and that is his token toy!!

The cake, it is "caressed" with a VIVA paper towel aferwards- teacher's instructions and to make the cake come out flat, you buy these baking strips that you moisten and put around your cake and it comes out flat! Neat huh!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

The cake looks great.. and love your story about your "babies"...

eiyiyi said...

Great job on the cake! Congratulations to you and your daughter. You make a terrific team. You'll be taking over from "Ace of Cakes" soon.

Your puppies are so adorable. Don't you just love little furfaces?

KreatesKards said...

What a cute cake and what a nice surprise to for Jerdan.

~BridgetL~ said...

Your Daughters cake looks great. What a fun way to celebrate a friend. Your dogs are just the cutest little things.

Lorrie said...

Great cake! Good job to you and your daughter! What a nice idea to make him a cake. I can see your progress, you guys are getting really good at the cake thing!

You know I love the dog photos! How cute are they!!!