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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Honest Award- thank you Melissa!

Another award. Gosh ladies, thank you Melissa from Mel's Thoughtful Spot.
I can't keep up and have been giving out awards to people who already have the same awards so I am going to do something different, I am going to make this award up for grabs for someone who has NEVER received an award yet. Normally this goes out to 7 other Honest Scrappers, so be honest and IF you have never received an award, email me and I will put your link to your blog on my list!! How does that sound?
Ok I have to list 10 honest things about me!
1. I try to always be kind to others and make them feel good
2. It was always my dream to adopt children Internationally- 12 of them from 12 different countries! ( we did two kids, same country)
3. I taught in the inner city for almost 20 years
4. I would love to adopt another baby, really! I am too old for that!
5. I did my Thesis for my Master's Degree on Foreign Adoption even before we adopted!
6. I love being a mom more than anything!
7. I have a new addiction- Vera Bradley purses and accessories
8. I stay up late at night emailing Magoo and Lorrie and re-doing my blog
9. I love love love Fried Chicken
10. To be perfectly HONEST, I would LOVE for YOU to FOLLOW my BLOG!!!

I will award these to 7 people who have never had an award. Just email me your name. Then I will put it on here and link it to your blog. Then you will need to post on your blog and thank and link me and then pass it on and link to 7 others and list 10 honest things about yourself. Ok be Honest, I know someone wants this award??

So this one if up for grabs but no one has grabbed it yet!


~ Lorrie ~ said...

Great idea Barb! Had fun with you and Magoo..... got up this morning and funny thing happened.. couldn't find my SOCK!!!! (Wink)

Magoo said...

ok that's too funny!! did you ask DH where it was!! TEE HEE...

Barb~I'm SO glad we're going to take this together!! We are both beginners, it will be so much fun!! We will have to exchange #'s so we can chat if we get stuck :)

Lorrie~are you going to take it too :) :) bring A sock!

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Barb.. I've got something for you on my blog.. stop by and see