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Friday, June 19, 2009

My little girl's cake class

Here are the cakes!

The blue one was the first cake my little girl made for her class, this last Monday. It is a cake for Meatball's special day! That is the day we got him. It didn't look so great but it tasted wonderful! By the way, Meatball and Oreo do not get to eat the cake, only doggie treats!

The second cake is for Father's Day. Gosh we can not ice at all. We baked last night and the cake looked heavenly. We chilled it in the refrigerator over night. The icing was made this morning and the cake iced this afternoon. We did a crumb layer first and then refrigerated it for 30 minutes. We even "caressed" the cake with Viva Paper Towels after letting it sit for 15 minutes as was suggested by our instructor. We just can not ice.

But check out our darling little Fondant Bumble Bees!!! That was not part of our assignment but we have been watching a bunch of tutorials and thought these were so cute. I forgot the name of the lady who we got the idea from for these bees. It was on a video. The stringy green stuff is supposed to be grass.

My husband pointed out to us that he quits breathing when stung by bees. I think he was kind of wondering why we did bees.

I think for just turning 11, she is doing a great job!!!


eiyiyi said...

I think the cakes are wonderful and I do love the bees. Hopefully you made a second cake out of dog food for Meatball so he could enjoy his party as well.

Keep practicing the icing. All of a sudden it will just work out right.


That is funny, a dog food cake, actually we have the hardest time getting him to eat dog food! He hates it but does not get people food. He would rather eat my craft scissors, magnets, paper, what ever, other than his food. He must be part goat!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I think your cakes turned out awesome...

Jo said...

I love the fondant bumble bees...how cute! I think your cakes look perfect. They have personality. I hope Meatball enjoyed his special day, somehow, I'm sure he did! Jo

KreatesKards said...

It takes a while to learn how to do the icing, you'll master it yet. The cakes are GREAT !!! I'm allergic to bees too, but I think the cake is perfect. I knew the green was grass immediately.

Dot said...

These are awesome cakes!! Your daughter is doing wonderful!! If she's this good at 11, imagine how great she'll be in a few years!

MelissaR said...

Wow! Those cakes look delicious! My pups would be so jealous for a cake of their own :)

jacque4u2c said...

Awe just adorable!

~BridgetL~ said...

I think your Daughter did a fantastic job on both the cakes. The bumble bees are exceptionally cute. I can only imagine how amazing her cakes are going to look when she's done with the classes.

Lorrie said...

LOL.... I love your husband's comment! Good job on the cakes. They are both adorable! Great job girls!!! Glad you're having fun together.

Magoo said...

oh my gosh, those bees are just the cutest little things I've ever seen! Were they hard to make? Both cakes look soooo delicious~tell your little girl she and mom did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!!! hey~wanna send me a piece? LOL!!!


Magoo, wish I could hand deliver it all the way to Canada!!!

BlueRose said...

you both did a fantastic job on the cakes..I just love the bees very cute. So I guess your family will eating a lot of cakes not?

Thanks for the visit didn't Magoo do really great on the background....I love it!

Have a wonderful weekend Happy Fathers day to your hubie.

Evelyn said...

Barb those cakes look great!!! I love the bumble bees they are too cute. You have to teach me how to make them for my cakes.

Christina said...

Great job on the cakes! I think they look absolutely delicious. Icing is a bit tricky when you are first learning, but then after you ice one cake after another you will get the hang of it. I still have trouble getting the icing level instead of having more on one side than the other!

Bethany said...

You guys are rockin the cakes! Great job!

Christina Thomas said...

Cute cakes!!

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