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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cake Class!

We spent all morning baking a cake, making the icing, making more icing to decorate it and after the cake cooled, we turned it over and it flopped. I think the cake thought it was a souffle.

I guess I better stick to paper crafting. The cake decorating class is really for my little girl but I still have to help her so it is taking up a lot of time. Now I also have subscribed to cake making blogs so that is more computer time.
I miss my paper crafts!!!!
....later, well it was too mushy to ice but it tasted great!

Next day, June 18th , off to bake another one. The problem is the pan is deep and we are to make one cake and then slice it for the two layers. I think it needed more cooking time. Needless to say, it disappeared faster than the iced cakes do!!!

Evelyn, if you are stopping by the blog today, I am waving hello!!! (Evelyn is in our cake class)


KreatesKards said...

I wish you lived closer. I would come over and help. Don't give up just yet. Give it a bit longer.

Did you allow the cake to cool (in the pan on a wire rack)for 15 minutes before removing from the pan? This allows the cake to cool down, settle. Then I would put a board over the pan and flip it over in one turn. Remove the pan.

Then I put the wire rack over the cake, held together and flipped back in one turn. Now you can trim the rounded part of the cake. Once trimmed (evened out the top) do the same flip back to the board.

Trimming your cake guarantees it will be flat on the top & bottom and makes it soooo much easier to decorate.

I always greased the inside of the pan, floured the bottom, and put in a piece (cut to fit) of wax paper in the bottom of the cake pan. Guarantees no sticking.

Good luck. Hope your daughter is enjoying the class. Remember it is giving you mother/daughter time together.

BlueRose said...

I have never tried the class but I think that I'm with you. I have to have my crafts paper that is.....LOL LOL LOL~~♥~

I sure hope that your daughter is enjoy it....

~BridgetL~ said...

Barb, I agree with everything KK says. I would come over and help you out. I can bake, but not so good at decorating. Just think of it as bonding time. Like me and my son's karate. Not for me, but I go to support him.

Magoo said...

awww that's too bad it flopped!! I love baking~there's something about measuring, mixing, setting timers and the anticipation of how it will turn out....I've had my fair share of flops~BUT THEY STILL TASTE DARN GOOD!! :)

HEre's hoping the next one will turn out better :)

I miss seeing your paper crafts too! LOL!! :) :)

Lorrie said...

Sounds like you're having fun spending time with your daughter.. it's not about the cake in the end. That's why you're in class.. to learn.... give it time...

Leanne said...

I'm right there with ya! I could tell you horror stories of some of the cakes I've made!! They turn out great if they are for us to eat at home but if I'm planning on taking it somewhere something always goes wrong!! But the good side to this is the special time you have with your daughter and the memories you are leaving her for a lifetime.

Evelyn Alicea said...

Barb it was nice talking to you earlier today. I just read your email and I am so happy that the cake you made today came out ok. Do not give up you will get it. And using that bake even baking strip works wonderfull on baking an even all around cake with no need to trim. I agree with what KK said about letting the cake cool in the pan for a little while before trying to get it out.
Well good night and I will see you on cake class on Monday.