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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Had to turn on Comment Moderation

Sorry people, due to a very strange post this morning (on my Feb 15th post), I have added comment moderation. I have to say I just hate when people come on and mess with my blog!

I hate having the spam thing on but I do get spam, take it off and then get it again. So as posters, I know you hate doing that word verification but was just told with Comment Moderation, I can monitor that.

Then this morning I get on, not feeling physically well at all, and come across a comment about dieing.

So now I added comment verification!!!

I do have my Traffic Control ON and I can tell when this was posted and who posts at what time!
For those of you that don't know, the Traffic thingy I have on (bottom right side) is so great. I can tell where someone got on, which Cricut post they came from, what country, what blog site. It is for fun, but it also shows me where the bad posts are coming from too! If someone googled something and ended up on my blog, I can even see what they googled. So if you don't have the Traffic thing, I highly suggest getting it. It is free. Just click on mine on the below right.

Can't someone just have a simple craft blog around here!!!! It ruins it for the other readers.

Please leave my blog alone!! Ergggh!!

This ended up being good afterall! Enfys taught me how to use the Comment Moderator and now I don't need that word verification.



testing comment verifiation



Enfys said...

Just popping over so that you can moderate me!!
En x

Leirad said...

Oh no! I am sorry this is happening to you. I'm pretty sure this is some random thing but still very upsetting. On a side note, I just added your blog button to my blog. Hope this is okay with you. Take care

Leanne said...

I'm having the same problems Barb! I've been getting some wierd comments from anoyomous. I've been rejecting them! Can you refresh me how to fix from getting spam?? Thanks!!


Hi there Leann,
To quit getting spam go to settings
go to comments,
go to word verification
turn word verification ON

eiyiyi said...

Spam is always so ratty. I've had to go to comment moderation as well. So far I haven't had to go back to word verification. Fingers crossed. Hope the crazies leave you alone. I just posted a new card box and card using your spring kit on my blog. hugs, eileen

Catherine Marshall said...

Hi barb just thought I'd leave you an comment to cheer you up I think your site is amazing and so insperationali I drop by every day to see what you have been upto thanks for all your hard work and please feel free to drop by my blog wwwcrazycrafter.blogspot.com

Lesley from WI said...

Just wanted to let you know I love your blog & so sorry that there are some people out there that have nothing better to do. Don't let them get you down!

Wife2TJ said...

I had to add comment moderation awhile ago b/c of spammers :-(
Thanks for posting about the live feed, I just checked it out and put it on my blog as well. Thank you!
Hope your doing well. I still LOVE my blog button you made for me :-)
-Samantha (Wife2TJ)

Lauren Nicole, LLC said...

Thanks Barb!! That is good to know!!
I love your blog!

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Sorry to hear you're having blog problems again. Some people have nothing better to do. Glad you got it figured out so you can monitor it.