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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Polka Dots and Zebra Stripes! Oh My!

We have spent a great part of this week trying to change up my little girl's room. It had purple walls (and ceilings) and touches of pink. She was sick of the pink and tired of the purple walls but I suggested trying to get rid of as much pink and add some black.

We ordered a polka dot comforter and valance in black and white (waiting for it to come). Found a double set of Polka Dot and Zebra sheets.  We are making the Polka Dots the main focus and the zebra just an added touch for accent. All I did was use adhesive tape runner!

She had this darling shelf set ( oh how I would love to move this in my craftroom) but did not like the pink ribbons on the baskets so I added some black polka dot ribbon and used it to cover it up! It really changes the look with just a simple touch!

Last night we added  ribbon to the bookshelves and the little tubs. It really made it pop!
The middle pink tub will be painted black . She had swapped out her pink doll house book shelf with my plain white bookshelf from my "Childrens' Library Room" (I used to be a teacher)

We also made Ribbon Streamers for the window but you can't tell in this photo. We are waiting for the Polka Dot valance to come in but in the meantime, I just threw the Polka Dot pillow cases we found on the top. We had so much fun making this and she organized and got the ribbons up by herself.

Now for the bedding. We are still waiting for the black and white polka dot comforter and valance to come but in the meantime I found this darling double set of both polka dot and zebra sheets. I put the zebra sheets on her mattress but then her soft purple sheets on a big comfortable mattress topper.  The zebra shows out from the sides of the bed and also under the purple pillow cases as just a touch of an accent. The polka dots are the main focus. We also found these darling pillows and study pillow. I added polka dot paper to the back of the picture frame.

See the Zebra sheets poking out from the sides!! I love lots of layers on beds, just like lots of layers of paper on my cards!

Ok, now check out these crazy lamps!! I found polka dot ones but she wants to keep the zebra ones we found. They really pop against the purple walls! She already had this zebra piggy bank for years!

I hate to return these darling Polka Dot ones

Then across from the bed she added this dry erase board, we had just sitting around,  and a guitar she had made in art. Next to this is her desk but she is cleaning it up right now, as I post!

And to top it off no little girl's room is complete without a "Keep Out" sign for her older brother! This was from the old SU Home Decor Catalog.

Being an older mom, I am exhausted, but we had such a wonderful Mother and Daughter time shopping and fixing it up with some simple added touches! Most of all, she just loves the new and more grow up look!

I'd love to hear your comment pleeze!


KidzNkritters said...

I love it! You girls did a great job.

bernshwag said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE it!! Please ask her if I can move in..I just love her bed.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Barb that looks like such a great room for a young lady!!! I am sure she love this new girly grown up look. I LOVE THE ZEBRA LAMPS!

cricaholic said...

That is really NICE!!!! LOL - love the door sign! my boys each had one but it wasn't for each other it was meant for ME!!! LOL.... my boys didn't like MOM decorating (cleaning) their rooms. Thats so sweet that you and your daughter did it together!!

ealicea-jones said...

Very cool. It is a much grown up look for sure. Ahh your little girl is growing up.

ScrappyJess said...

Very grown up! She should enjoy that room for years to come!

~BridgetL~ said...

oh how fun to get to help your daughter redecorate her room. With having boys, its all generic and band posters for me. its turning out really cute :)

Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, Barb, what a wonderful job!!! I'd love that room for myself -- LOL!!! Really great job and very girly for any age!

Shawnee said...

Such a cute room. You did a fabulous job!!

Dot said...

What awesome changes you two have made without buying all new stuff. I am sure your daughter will love her new room for a long time to come.

Debbie L said...

Barb~~I love your daughter's new room. I'm with Bridget....no polka dots for my boys so I will live vicariously through you!!

~ Lorrie ~ said...

What an awesome room you two have created. I love it! Great colors and very sophisticated for a young lady!:)

Ladybug said...

What an adorable room. Lots of color, patterns, etc. And...what a fun thing to do together! :-)