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Friday, March 25, 2011

"Barbie's Doggie Day Care"! My new Volunteer "Job"!

   Thought I would post something fun for Friday.

You see these past two months have been different for me. I lost one of my closest friends and my mom.

I came back home and decided I needed to cheer up and be positive, for their sakes because the prior months I was a mess with their illnesses.

Then my neighbor ended up with a death in her family and we helped out with their new puppy. We just fell in love with him.

Now I get to take care of him daily for 12 hours and am so happy. It fills a void to help me with all the people I miss. Like having a new baby.

Here is the little guy, Oh Pei

Now, every morning his mom drops him off at our door, bright and early.

Check out this darling sign that my little girl made!

At first Oh Pei was very afraid of my dog Oreo Cookie. He felt ok around Meatball but he mostly stayed around us,  and not the dogs for the two weeks he stayed with us. He was frightened a bit around strangers and very much so around other dogs.

I set up a little pen for the baby......

 ............ so he could feel safe and cozy.

Here is my little girl with Oh Pei!

He is out of his pen most all of the day except when I feed them.

Here are my pups, Meatball and Oreo Cookie

Here are the three of them earlier in the week. He is slowly letting Oreo near him.

Now look at the little one! Guess who discovered he is a dog and likes to play now! Just in a few days. (He was here for two solid weeks all day and night and was afraid of Oreo) 

Guess who is starting all the "fights" now and loves to play!

I'm having so much fun and I am helping someone out too! She offered to "share" her dog and I felt like it was her dog, as much as I wanted him, so I offered to watch him for 12 hours a day. This way the kids get to enjoy him too.



Leanne said...

Oh Barbara I am sooo sorry I did not know about your mom and friend. I am sooo truly sorry. This little addition to the family is a sweetie :) Just love the pictures! I'm sure they are thrilled to have someone as sweet as you babysit for them! Hugs, Leanne

Vicky said...

So Sorry for your loss, so glad you were able to help out your neighbor and take your mind off things. Your pictures are so cute, and all the babies are adorable. Love the Doggie Daycare sign you made.

bernshwag said...

Glad the doggies are getting along better:) So sweet of you to care for your neighbors pup so she didn't have to give the cutie pie up! Isn't it amazing how much we receive from our fur ball family members? I don't know what I would do without them, great therapy for sure! Thanks for sharing your sweeties with us!


Lauren Nicole Gifts said...

I am so sorry for your losses!!! Dogs really do have a way of cheering people up. I am glad you get to watch him.....is he a shih-tzu too??

I have three of them and they are awesome!!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Ohhhh, they're both just sooooo adorable!!! Now who couldn't be cheered up having those little cuties around! I'm so glad something came along to take your mind off all your worries for a bit and bring you some gladness!


Linda said...

I've had two rescue dogs, senior dogs in my home and I just remember laughing and feeling great all the time. Enjoy the doggies and I will call soon and hopefully there will be time to talk. I feel like we're friends, Barb. Say hello to the family and have a good evening.