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Monday, April 25, 2011

I want more Brussels Sprouts!

Thank you dear, sweet,  Lorrie for this wonderful recipe!
We made it as soon as you gave it to me and we gobbled it up!

My dear sweet friend, blogging friend/customer/daily checker upper on me, Lorrie, sent me this Vera Bradley Apron for my birthday in January. I wore it all evening as a "dress"!

Here is the recipe that Lorrie shared with me from her Cooking Light Magazine. I could not find it online so Lorrie gave it to me over the phone and I typed it out to send as an email to friends. It is weird, I always thought it was Brussel Sprouts but when I typed that it showed incorrect on auto correct. I looked it up and it is Brussels Sprouts like from Bussels!

Brussels Sprouts Gratin
From Cooking Light Brussels Sprouts courtesy of Lorrie

2 slices bacon
4 shallots thinly sliced
2 lbs brussels sprouts
1 cup water
½ t Kosher Salt Divided
¼ t fresh ground black pepper
cooking spray
1 2oz slice French bread
3 T butter

Heat Broiler
Cook bacon in skillet
Remove from heat and drain, reserving drippings.
Crumble bacon.
Add shallots to bacon grease cooking on med high and saute’ for 2 minutes
Add Brussels spouts/water-boil
Cover pan with foil and cook 6 min until tender
Uncover and remove from heat

Sprinkle ¼ t salt, pepper, and bacon and toss to combine
Spoon into a ceramic dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray

Put the bread in the food processor-set aside
Melt butter and add to the crumbs
Add ¼ t salt and saut√© 2 min
Sprinkle over Sprouts

Broil for 3 minutes
Serve and Enjoy!

Yum! Thanks Lorrie! Here is her blog if you want to take a look! http://www.lorriesstory.com/

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Melissa said...

I can't imagine that even adding cheese would make brussel sprouts taste any better! Bleck! lol

But you on the other hand are a vision in Vera! :)

Sheena said...

MMM..I love brussel sprouts..I might have to save this recipe to try out. It looks yummy. Beautiful apron :)

erin lee creative said...

That recipe looks so good, I'll have to try it out when I get home! You look so cute in your Vera apron!