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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Simply Sunday~Adoption!

Dear friends, sorry I am late with my post for today but so glad you stopped by to check my blog for Simply Sunday.

Today is a bit of a different type of post. First I must explain that adoption is near and dear to my heart. It all started when I read a book when I was 12 about a family adopting 12 children from different countries and that became my goal!  I didnt 't get married until I was almost 37 so I had a late start. We didn't adopt 12 children from 12 different countries, but my dream did come true when we were able to adopt two wonderful babies from the same beautiful country. 

While searching for cake decorating blogs a few summers ago, I came across a wonderful blogger named Summer. I just loved this girl from the start. Well since then she has changed her blog and now has a blog in hopes of finding a baby to adopt. It breaks my heart that Summer and Adam want to be parents so badly and have not been blessed yet.  I am passing along their blog link, in hopes of you seeing it and passing it along to others you know. I keep telling Summer the right baby has just not come along yet, but that is not easy to hear when you wanted that baby, "yesterday".  I truly feel deep inside though, that they will be blessed through adoption.

Please click on Summer's Blog. She is great writer, full of hope, humor and fun. 
Click HERE:http://www.adamandsummeradopt.com/

This idea to write about this is all my own, but you know through word of mouth, wonderful things can happen. Please have a heart to be open to reading Summer's blog and if you know of anyone who is making an Adoption "plan" please consider passing this information along. 

Hoping you have had a fun Sunday and hoping some Sunday, someday, Summer and Adam can spend their with their own babies! 

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