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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Simply Sunday- old post of a Cozy Sunday

Hi everyone. It is time for my Simply Sunday post but this girl is not feeling well today, so I had a thought about this Cozy day I had last year and pulled up this old post from almost exactly a year ago today. I sure would love to duplicate this day and sure would love to feel better today but here is my "old" post for my "new" post today!  Today will be similar though but no walk and no baking but I will make cards and maybe some soup and I hope we have "Family Night" tonight! 
Today will be a stay in Pajama Card Making, Soup Making, Snuggling with Dogs, Family Night Day! Hmm, I wonder if my hubby will make that salmon again!
Have a great day! b

From Dec 13th, 2010:
We had a great and cozy day on Sunday.
It was very cold out.
Even the dogs are snuggling!

I made an Italian Sausage Soup that was awesome! If anyone wants the recipe, just click on the Email me button!
And made some cards......

My husband and daughter went for a long walk in the woods.

Then my husband came home and smoked a salmon. It was so awesome. We were too full from the soup to eat it but nibbled on it

Later that night we had "Family Night" My son made Peppermint Shakes from Southern Living Recipe  and baked us some Peanut Blossom cookies.........

........and  we watched Blindside. Gosh I love that movie and can totally relate to the mom, being an Adoptive mom myself and former inner city school teacher. I always cry when I watch it.

How was your day yesterday? What did you do? What are your favorite Christmas Cookies?

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1 comment :

Dixieglitzie said...

Hey Barb, wow are your pics making me hungry. I am looking forward to our "chat" Tuesday. I hope that you are feeling much better tomorrow :)