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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Simply Sunday~Texas Homecoming Mums!!!

Ok, this is going to be crazy but I have to admit, that I enjoyed making my daughter's Homecoming Mum! I can't believe I said that when I always thought this was the most stupid tradition. What tradition? In Texas, when the girl gets asked to Homecoming, the boy's mom must make the girl a mum and the girl is responsible for making the boy a garter. They are huge and obnoxious and cost a fortune and clang a lot with noise!

My daughter is in Color Guard and it was required for all the moms to make their daughter's Mums. I spent a fortune but had fun doing it. Here are some of the steps along the way.

I bought a Mum "base" that had the head of the mum and some ribbon tails. I added to the head making it a couple of rows bigger. I should have taken a photo of it "before".

Here is what I call the Head of the Mum, I added Paw Print ribbon to the white ribbons it came with and then added silver paws on the blue ribbons. I have another layer of some silver sparkly stuff and then added a back row of very wide navy and some white gauzy ribbon. The center comes with the flower but I added a cute little Jaguar holding a bell and a name plate that I put her name on in silver letters.

Next I took the "tail" part as I call it and added some more wide navy ribbon to the sides. In the center I made her name and on the side navy ribbons, I added some stars to jazz it up. This is just beginning, before I jazz it up with trinkets and more ribbons and literally bells and whistles!!

Jazzing it up! Check out the fun ribbons and trinkets. Everything is navy, silver or white. It looks gold in the photos but it is silver.

And now for the finished product. I can't wait for next year, I had so much fun making it! Now my tiny little daughter has to wear this on Homecoming Day and she is not happy about that part!

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Kristy Bleau said...

Looks great! I did wonder what the deal was with the mum's during my two years in Texas :)Thanks for sharing!

cheryl porter chumbley said...

hi Barb! yep! everything's bigger in Texas - even the homecoming mums! i've made a few of them myself & they are fun. yours looks fabulous! tell her it's much better to try to figure out how to wear it than to be left out without one! enjoy!