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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I met a MB friend- Scrapintiantexas- Yvette

Here is Yvette from Scrapntiantx Blog site.
I met a lovely Message Board friend today. She had already bought the Sock Monkey set the other day and we were planning to meet at Michael's, to give her, her catalog and then at the last minute I invited her over to show her how to make Sock Monkey cards!! She is just the sweetest!!! We yacked for 3 hours, hard to imagine with me huh!! Isn't her card is adorable! I love the choice of colors she used. It is for her husband. We didn't even realize we lived near each other when she was placing her order! We met through our blogs!

Oh I almost forgot, I made this card earlier today for my dear friend, Tiffany. She runs a Dog Grooming Salon and it's her birthday today. The little purse had a Starbucks Gift Card in it. I used the SU Sweet Treats Cup with it!!!

Next day, Kerry came over for a class and brought her mom, Dora. We had a lot of fun!!!
Remember, she was the one that missed the first beginner's class due to her son breaking his arm that day!!


Tia Yvette said...

Oh my gosh Barb, I haven't even made it home yet! I just had to stop by my mom's to show off my sock monkey card and she loves it! Thank you so much for having me over and for teaching me how to make these cute cards. It was such a pleasure to meet you and I had a blast hanging out with you. I couldn't believe how fast the time went by! You are an absolute JOY to be around...thank you!!

~BridgetL~ said...

How fun that you got to me a MB friend. What a cute card Yvette made.

Magoo said...

OMG!! I am SOOOOO jealous!! (in a good way). I just love Tia and her blog...her work is just beautiful!! I SO wish I lived in Texas!!! You two are just so sweet I bet you are going to be the best of friends!! awwww...who wants to move to Canada??? LOL!!!

~ Lorrie ~ said...

great cards! Glad you had fun today.

Tracy ~ CraftJunkieToo said...

How awesome! I am going to my first Cricut swarm in Houston on 9/12 and can't wait to meet some MB friends too. So happy you girls had fun.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

How exciting to met a MB friend.. and what a darling card..

Ms_Dee said...

You have a very nice blog Snowmanlover ...I left an award for you on my Blog...Go over and pick it over.......It's great when you get to meet message board friends...I guess thi saward was right on time....(hehe)...

BlueRose said...

How exciting, I have meet some MB friends from PCC, and we had a blast...I love it when we get together! ♥

Jeannie Phillips said...

OH I need that image...my daughter just learned to make sock monkies...and has gone sock monkey crazy it would be so fun to send her a card with a sock monkey on it!!!...adorable..just adorable.

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Morning Sunshine. I left you a little goodie on my blog! Have a wonderful day!