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Thursday, October 8, 2009

My "Signature" Christmas Card~Which do you like best? Poll!!

Card A with flat post mark?

I hate to say it but I just love my card!! I love using non traditional Christmas colors. You will probably never find me using just red and green!
I had so much fun making my card. I just love this stamp set!
It is by Stampin' Up and called Winter Post.
I can just feel the "serenity" as I was making it.
The inside sentiment is from a Level One Hostess Set called Holiday Best. I also used the
Top Note Die.
The last photo was my First try on the card. I "popped" the little post mark on this original one but not on the final card. I did "pop" the stamp though on the final card. I then decided to add the darling stamp that IS a stamp and is from a Level Two Hostess Set called Christmas Punch.
I used Real Red, Bashful Blue and Chocolate Chip and love the color combination!!
I usually am my own worst critic but I love this card!! I hope the recipients do too!
I have had orders to make a bunch of these!
Please do me a favor and tell me if you like the the top card ( final) A
or the bottom card ( original) B the best?
The insides are the same!!!

Please leave a comment and just for fun take the poll....see above!!!

Thanks!! Barb

Card B with "popped" post mark?

Thanks for your comments!! Be sure to vote on the poll too!! I appreciate your comments! See above for the poll!!


Sherry said...

Gorgeous! I THINK I like the bottom card the best...very hard to decide though. I love the top note die inside too....great job!

Helen said...

Great card! I think I like the top one better. It looks more like an envelope would.

Margie said...

Oh, how pretty! Think I like the top one best. More realistic. Beautiful colors!

Carol said...

they; are both beautiful, but I would pick the top one because of the stamp

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb. Both are terrific, but I like the bottom one the best. I think the skaters stand out more on it and the red on the top one takes your eye away from the skaters. I voted.

Susan R.

Leanne said...

Oh wow what a hard decision I like them both!!!! But if I had to go with just one I will pick the top one I to love the postage stamp! You should really love this card it's awesome!!!

~BridgetL~ said...

Barb I love them both, but I do like Santa behind the skaters.

Kathy Orta said...

I like the one with the flat post mark

Lisa said...

I like the top one (unpoped). ;) Great card!!

Magoo said...

I vote flat....you already have 2 elements popped already....Those are beautiful cards!!!!

AndreaA said...

I like the first one best (unpopped) it looks more like a real postage mark.

Lolliscraps said...

I like the top one with the red Santa behind the skaters.

Kimberly's Creative Blogspace said...

I like the unpopped one best. It seems most authentic. They both are beautiful.

LisaLisa said...

What a beautiful card Barb! I love it so much!

~~Lorrie~~ said...

Barb, those are both wonderful! WOW! I prefer card A.. but both are fantastic! Really cute!

Ladybug said...

Top one(A)for me cuz the postmark looks more realistic. ;-)

Maria said...

Both cards are wonderful...but I like card (A) the best.

Jeannie Phillips said...

This card is grand..I love it..so nostalgic... wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

Love this card/post card!
Missy K.