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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fun Day!

Yippee, It has been a year since I have seen my special little friend . She is the one that first told me about Circle of Friends . She was in the program during High School and now my little girl volunteers with Circle of Friends at her Middle School and I do too, all because of our love of this sweet girl!

We were supposed to celebrate her birthday two weeks ago but her brother got the flu , we rescheduled for last week and then my little girl got the flu, so today is the day!

It has been a year since I last saw her. Her mom and I are never able to seem to arrange a day due to someone always getting sick but we are finally going to meet today.
I describe her as an "Angel put on Earth". Just the sweetest and prettiest little thing ever. I made her a little treat card and got her a bunch of Halloween Lollipops. Pretzels are her favorite though. Well off to meet her for lunch at her favorite restaurant. I hope to get some photos!!

Back from our 2 hour lunch. Here is a photo of her being served a Birthday dessert, which none of us took a bite of!! She is wearing an "I love Zach sweatshirt". You know the show, Big World, Little People? Well she just had to meet Zach and her parents flew the family out there to meet him for her birthday. She just went back again this year to celebrate at their farm and go to their Charity Event. She adores this "tv" family and I loved hearing all about her trip.

I just love seeing her. She has the biggest smile and the biggest heart of anyone I know and she makes me feel all good inside when I get to see her!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Can't wait to see the pictures... have fun

Sandy from Ukiah said...
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Enfys said...

What a cute photo Barb, and a great story too, you are such a warm sweetie.
big hugs,
En xx