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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A bit of Holiday Whimsy!

Last night my little girl and I did a bit of decorating. I know it is early but I have never skipped decorating and I did this past Halloween and Fall due to being so exhausted. Well yesterday we got into the spirit and thought, lets start right now for the Winter!

This is my most favorite tree of all! I searched and searched for what I call "Charlie Brown" looking trees. You know, the kind that look pathetic and like no one wants them! Well I found this at a craft fair years ago. It was decorated just like this, with tons of little pillows and wood snowmen and a strand of wood cranberries. I added the ceramic birds on it and a little nest. I keep this out all year long in my living room. It makes me happy. I moved it this year to the family room in front of the fireplace. Boy was it dusty! I later found out the lady who sold them was no longer making them, but she invited me over and I bought two more "bare" trees. I keep one in my entry way year round and change it out seasonally. The other stays in the attic until this time of year and is then converted into a Gingerbread tree!

This is my Snowman Mantel. Sometimes I leave it out until February! Usually this houses our wedding photos and the kid's baby pictures. This is my most favorite box to pull out. These are my most favorite snow people even though I have many throughout the house all year long. I get sad putting these guys away!

I just love this bench I have in the entry way. It is tall and black wood with mirrors and hooks. Usually it holds my millions of Vera purses I have! We also have some funny wood signs that we change out on it. For now, I had to clear away my purses and it has a garland of wooden snowmen that I found at a craft fair years ago. It also holds a set of glittery iceskates! My husband bought me the wood truck years ago. It says "Frostys's Snow Removal" on it. I always have seasonal pillows on here too. It would be nice if I left room for the kids coats!

This is another one of the "Charlie Brown" trees. This is in the entry way next to the bench. I keep this tree here all year long and change it out for each season! This tree has a garland of wood cranberries and buttons and a mitten garland. I found these tiny wood ornaments that are real old fashioned and in wood frames in the black and white. I just love them. There are also some iceskate and sled ornaments. It is just real simple and "woodsy" and old fashioned.

This is my little girl's Gingerbread House area and Gingerbread Tree. All of the ornaments are
Gingerbread boys and girls. The houses are from Party Lite or Dept 56. I used to sell for a company that was called Time to Celebrate and they sold these darling Dept 56 houses. They are so much fun and so whimsical. She plays with these for hours on end. I also have a Gingerbread area in my kitchen which holds all of the tea light Gingerbread houses.

This little area is on the landing going upstairs. This is the area my little girl is in charge of, well I think she plans out most of the decorations because she plays with them all! We used to put ornaments that were special adoption ornaments or ornaments they made or were made from the country they are from, but we are going to buy some "woodsy" looking ornaments to put on this year.

This is my little girl's Village. She has a darling Halloween one and it is her favorite and she hates to see it put away. This year, I suggested we pull out their ancient "train table" their daddy built and keep her village in her room. We have to get some more snow an spruce it up. She plays for hours on end with this! She also has a "Peppermint Lane" on the landing outside of her room!

And last but not least! Pink "Sweet" Tree. I saw this tree at Kohls and just figured it was a display. I called the next day and they had one coming in and I was able to get the one and only one. I bought pretty little candy and cake ornaments for it. It is not a good photo but the tree is so cute and looks great in her purple bedroom!

I hope you enjoyed our little bit of Holiday Whimsy! The photos don't really do it justic, but you can click on them to get a better view. Come on over for some homemade goodies! We will be baking a lot!


eiyiyi said...

Everything looks so warm and cozy. What day does the baking begin? I'll be over to help. hugs, eileen

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

I love it all. Love love love. Would you believe that I still have my pumpkins with stashes out and my Halloween stuff? Haha!

Not sure about our decorations for Christmas just yet.

I love all of yours!


Magoo said...

OH B!! Your decorations are gorgeous!!! I love the same style of decor and my house will look similar....

i LOVE the charlie brown trees....one of my fav movies too LOL!!

I agree with EIYIYI everything looks so warm and cozy....we do lots of baking too..so I'll come to your place first, then you can come to mine!! :) :) HUGS!!!


EIEI- I just knew the first post would be from you!

Summer, you are so funny! I am sure your Santas will all have mustaches on them! Hey aren't you supposed to be resting? Best of luck to you. I am praying that this times works for you and have a very good feeling about it!


HI Magoo, you must have been commenting when I was!! Please send me your address all the way from Canada. I sure wish you lived closer!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Barb you have been busy. I have to agree everything looks so warm and cozy. I love it all.

~BridgetL~ said...

Barb, I love looking at all your wonderful Holiday decorations. It sure makes me want to get up my stuff. Love the charlie brown trees. I too have a pink tree but its a feathered tree that i use to put up in my office at work, but now it sits on my desk in my room. I wish there was some way I could come and have some Christmas treats with you and you family. One day we will have to make it happen.


Oh, you all are so sweet, it makes me sad that I don't even know you all! It seems like I do, but I don't! Wish I could!

Tia Yvette said...

Hi Barb...Hope "A" is doing much better. I really enjoyed your Holiday Decor Tour and gotta add that your house definitely has that "welcoming" feel to it...in person and in the photos! Can't wait to get into the spirit myself and get my house decorated as well. Thanks for sharing... :)


Oh Thanks, Yvette! I love having you over at the workshops! I will see you soon after the Thanksgiving break and after the kids get back to school. Thanks for well wishes for A!

~~ Lorrie ~~ said...

Love your decorations.. makes one feel all warm and cozy. We had wonderful weather this weekend, should've done my outside lights for the season, but I didn't. Just love what you've done. Very pretty.

KreatesKards said...

Barb, your decorations are wonderful. Will you come and decorate our home too??????

Camille said...

Barb, you make me want to get my decorations out. I love the woodsy charm of yours. Mine are kind of retro. I love silver tinsel and lots of glitter, but only on red and green.

ealicea-jones said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ealicea-jones said...

It is all too cute. I have to come by and see it.
I am hoping to start decorating this coming weekend. After I go window shopping on black friday :)


Thanks everyone! I wonder who deleted their post? Maybe someone testing their signature.

Anonymous said...

It is all so Beautiful!!

Lori tx

Maria said...

Barb, everything looks great. You have me wanting to start my decorating now too. I do my living/dining room with Santa and the kitchen and family room with Gingerbread. My oldest daughter told me one time that my house looked live Whoville (from the Grinch movie)!


Barb, love all your trees! I feel like sitting, visiting and have a cup of hot chocolate looking at your blog.
When I was younger and the children were still at home we would have more than one tree and it too was wonderful. My son would always take the branches his dad would trim off the tree (we cut our own) and form his very own Charlie Brown tree! (Note his trees were a far cry from what you have. Your wonderful photos brought back many many fond memories - thank you! Like your home, every room was decorated, now I am lucky to get the artificial tree up and a wreath on the door. This year the family is coming so I better get in gear and start decorating too.

Leirad said...

Love your decorations. I started decorating my place last weekend. My two year old son wanted to put the Christmas tree up since the first week of November but I told him it was too early.

Ladybug said...

Barb, your decorated home has given me warm memories of how we decorated our home when our DD was still at home. We put out 3 elves, which were hiding in a different spot each time. Each morning something else had been added to the decor and she knew that the elves had done it. (when she was 1-3 yrs. old) She loved it. When she got older, we would decorate the house w/ her.

Your home shows a lot of "love", in all you do! :-)