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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just a hi and a thanks

Hi there, gosh I have not been on for a few days and that is strange for me! I have just been so utterly exhausted since trick or treating Saturday night! I guess I am too old for this. Not certain what is going on, but do not have an ounce of energy.

I have not really even been on the mb much and that should tell me how tired I am! I am also sorry I have not been on anyone's blogs. I love to get on and comment but have not checked my dashboard since Saturday!

I do want to thank my dear, sweet customer, Leirad for a darling card and little crocheted flowers she dropped off at my house today. I was at the post office for about 30 minutes and missed her. I pulled up right as they drove off and she lives about an hour from me. Anyway, what a sweetie for bringing by the gorgeous card and flowers. I think she gets the aluminum in Mexico.

I have been sooo busy. I have everything ready for my guest designer spot next week on Christmas with the Cricut. I even have some but not all of my projects loaded on my blog for next week.

I spent the entire day getting my customers Holiday Card kits ready and they are in the mail
(except Local people). They look really nice and I put tlc in each kit! I hope you like!
My ribbon shares have been sent too.

I got my Gypsy last night and have not even opened it! It arrived with my Stampin' Up box and I wanted to assemble my card kits so I could promptly mail them out.

Now all I have to do is make a dozen cards for the shop I sell to, by Friday. Oh, then I am hoping I can take a craft break for the weekend and open my Gypsy and my brand new Stampin' Up Software!


~BridgetL~ said...

Barb what a sweet friend. Hope you get your energy back. We miss you :)

Christina said...

Sounds like you've got a lot goin' on.

Have fun with your new Gypsy. You will love it.


Melissa S said...

I hope that you get some time to play with your Gypsy. Just remember to sit back and take a breathe once in awhile.


CJToo ~ Tracy said...

Love the new blog design Barb! It's snowie - delicious! heheheee...so happy it all is working out of you.

Also - can not WAIT to see your goodies for CWTC. I am really looking forward to seeing your stuff (as always).

Magoo said...

I hope you get well again and back to your zippy self!

your blog looks awesome!!! Can't wait till you get your gypsy going :) WE should have challenges or something to keep us motivated :) hugs!

Leirad said...

Barb, glad you liked the flowers. I love my November SU! club order!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look of your Blog!!
You need to find some time to play with your new Gypsy!!!