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Friday, April 30, 2010

Thank you so much dear people!!! Connie, Greenbean, Mel & Candi!

HI friends,
I want to thank several very dear people for some kindness!!
Last week for no reason I got a darling hummingbird card from a dear MB friend, Connie. Connie loves sewing and is not even a paper crafter but we met two years ago on the boards and stay in touch. She surprised me with a no reason card and a Starbucks gift card!!
Then I won a rak on the MB from my dear Greenbean! What a cutie patooty she is! I got a MS button punch and Greenbean made me this darling magnet board. I have been planning to make these for my workshops.
Then... my very best friend, Melanie, sent me a card that she had made at MY workshop. I was so touched, here she used the card she made and was giving it to me! Inside was a Starbucks giftcard and she was thanking me for letting her come over one day and just use my punches. I wuv you Mel!!
Then, I was awarded with a J's gift card from Candi over on the Austism Challenge on the boards. I am soooo excited to use it!!
Thank you wonderful people!!!!!
(Here is Greenbean's Magnet board hanging on the rack)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had some great luck - well deserved too.

cricaholic said...

Thoughtful returns for thoughtful Barb!!!
Sounds like GREAT treats too.

Live Love and Scrap said...

How sweet your crafting friends are!!! Sorry I havent been by in a while...been neglecting my blog =(

hope you are well,

greenbean said...

you're so welcome!...the magnet board's looking good hanging there!...lol...

bernshwag said...

Oh Barb, thank you so much for participating in our autism awareness challenge!! I'm so happy that you won something. When Danielle picked your name she said "Mom isn't this the Barb that we know." LOL She was so tickled!!