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Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Craft Room Photos! Scoll to bottom of post to view VIDEO!

Here is my Revised, revised, revised, revised Craftroom. I have to admit my slide show on the right is much neater version, but that was when I had less stuff!
We closed off our living and dining room with French Glass doors and separated the two rooms, four years ago.  This was the kid's craft room/playroom before I took over two years ago. After buying all of my "Bugs", I kind of took over the room,  but they have access to all my craft things.

Photos start and go around in a circle. It was buying the rods to store my Stampin' Up punches that got me to redo a few things! Enjoy!

You are now entering my Craftroom from the Kitchen. This is my "pull out area" I had the file cabinet for about 25 years and added the  narrow "desktop" so I could use this for a cutting area. I also threw in another set of plastic drawers and keep my stamp sets in there too. Stamps everywhere!

My main work desk.  This is my stamping desk where I make my Stampin' Up Cards.
I got this desk about 25 years ago. Underneath, I have red and navy bins on wheels with chalkboards on the front. I store more paper and cardstock in the bins in files. I like to be organized!  I keep my Stampin' Up Inkspots, Crayons, Pencils, Adhesives in the set of black plastic drawers. I keep stamp sets and ribbon packages in the Jetmax cubes to the right.

My Ink Center. My little girl decorated this and the Embellishment Center.

Embellishment Center, ribbon, buttons, bows!

Close up of Desktop

Punch Storage on Bygel Rods. I am so happy with these!! This is what got me in the mood to change things around!

Back of room, looks into Living room.  Stampin' Up Cardstock Storage

Left Shelves

This was the kid's Art Table,  that my hubby built for them, but I took it over for my "bugs".
I stand when I use the machines. It is a really deep space.
I moved their art work to this side because the wall was soooo busy with the Embellishment Center here. It drives me crazy with how busy this wall was and still is!

 I just found these little white CD cases and put them in the openings of the Jetmax Cubes. I used to have little ladybug boxes there and kept my overlays and and booklets filed in them. Now I put those back in their boxes and use these new CD cases to store my new plastic cases from SU. I redid a bunch of my stamps and store them in there now. The drawers also house stamps.
The little plastic bins in the middle store more cardstock and envelopes.

 Right Shelf space

Right Shelf space. More Artwork from Preschool

This is where I live- at my Computer and work my business! I love this Tressle Desk. I love being able to look out my backyard through the bay window. The kitchen is to my right.

Ok, we made a full circle now of my little dining room, turned playroom, turned Craftroom/Office! This is another entry into the room and to the right of my desk and the bay windows.  These  cubes  house embellishments and books.

I hope you enjoyed my tour. Would love to hear your comments!

! Click HERE  for the Video Tour of my Craftroom!


cricaholic said...

It's ALL organized too!!
I dream of having a room like that some day...LOL

Ms_Dee said...

Love it Barb...Great Space.......Everything is so organized....TFS

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Looks great, B! You've been working hard.

scraphappysteph said...

Wow Barb it is great! I would love such a room.

JeanneLee said...

Barb, your room looks fabulous!

Kim @ Frostmeblog.blogspot.com said...

Looks fantastic! An organized girl after my own heart ;o) I even have a database with everything I have and I can search on theme, occasion, season, etc... I am a sick, sick person - but I know what I have and where to find it!

Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
party inspiration

~BridgetL~ said...

Happy Easter Barb.

Love your awesome room. Hey where did you get the unit that you put your SU inks in? I'd love to get me one.

Beth said...

Looks great! would you like to come and organize my room? :)

Miss Jody said...


FawnKreations said...

Your room is awesome! I love the color. It is so bright and happy!! You are very organized!! Great space! =)

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Link is working.... and THROW AWAY THE COOKIE, YOU NUT!!!! LOL

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Oh yea.. your craft room and home are beautiful. I'm jealous!!! Super cute!


NO the cookie stays here, either that Or I mail it back to you! But I would miss him too much!

shari said...

Barb, Your room is great! Very nice. Shari (cricutrookie)

Sandy from Ukiah said...

What an awesome scrap book room... I would love to be so organized..

KreatesKards said...

Really nice Barb. Isn't it great to have your own space.

Kim V. said...

WOW!!!! So lucky...what a great room!!!

Leirad said...

Barb, your room is great!! My DH made me a craft armoire last year and I have outgrown it already. We're are thinking about converting our home office, or at least part of it, into a craft room. TFS

cricaholic said...

The video tour was great!!! Your room is GORGEOUS!! I love the color and its so.. BRIGHT!!
Yeah, I could stay in there all day too!! It's a very HAPPY CREATIVE PLACE!!! Lucky you!!!

Kelley-Lou-Who said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeee it! So bright and open. Can't wait to watch the video, but it's not working right now. Will check back. Thanks for sharing.

CuddlyBunny said...

Ouuuu! Neat! And with the dining room so close for your future expansions! Yay!

Very nice space!

SherriC. said...

looks Great Barb, so organized......

Christina said...

I love your craft room! It's so nice and bright and well organized!

Ladybug said...

Really awesome craftspace, Barb! Looks like many happy times have been had in there! :-)

bernshwag said...

The craft room loooks fab! When can I come over and play...LOL

Thanks for the tour!

Wife2TJ said...

Beautiful room!!! :-)

BrandiLynn said...

What a great space to work in,,,,I dont think I would ever leave if that were mine.

The Memory Keeper said...

WOW Barb! It's bee-u-tea-ful! So light and airy...and organized! You don't want to see my scrap room!