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Friday, June 3, 2011

Stampin' Up Alaskan Cruise- Day 3 Ketchikan!!

What a really neat site to wake up to! I woke up very, very early on Sunday morning as we were slowly pulling into Ketchikan, Alaska. We slowly pulled in as the town was waking up. It was so neat to lay in bed in our cabin and look through our balcony window at what was going on in town. We were docked from 7am to 4 pm. I loved this place and could move here!

This is what it looked like before 7 am as we were slowly pulling in. I woke up to a very loud noise and thought they were birds chirping but it was the kids next  door shouting at the top of their lungs. I guess they were excited but at 6 am, it was not a nice sound. However the town was gorgeous and here it is at early dawn. Can you imagine how peaceful it would be without those "chirping bird children"!

 This is the incredible view from our stateroom balcony!

View of our ship from town

My husband and kids

Here is the gorgeous town

I just love all the colorful buildings. When I walked around I was reminded of the show, Northern Exposure

Walking through town was exhilarating

This is a photo from town. So pretty! Click on it to enlarge, please

Check out this background scenery!

View from the Tram. This tram was only $8 for our whole family!  

My little sweeties! This was up at the top of the area where the tram took us

View from above

More photos from the top

Sarah and my husband

Hope you enjoyed the views The scenery was just beautiful. We stopped for lunch at a place called Annabelle's but it was not very good.  Back on to the ship at about 4. We had a nice dinner and then a great show that night. Stay tuned for Monday in Juneau!

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eiyiyi said...

Wow ... Ketchikan looks fabulous and so do you! So glad you had just a great time. hugs, eileen

bernshwag said...

Oh, this town is so adorable...The view from your stateroom is absolutely gorgeou! Love the pic of your hubby and Sarah...I think she is blushing! LOL