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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Simply Sunday! Fall Decor'

Hi friends,
I thought I would start something new on my Blog called Simply Sunday, where I share something other than Stampin' Up! cards with you. 

Is this something you would like to see on my blog? Please let me know!!!??

Also is there anything else you would like to see on my blog? I am willing to take requests. I thought about stopping my blog due to lack of comments, even though I have many readers, but will give it a bit more time.

Here are a few photos of some fall decor I did at home last week. Enjoy!

Have a great Sunday! We are celebrating my husband's birthday today.
Next week I will be sharing a recipe that I am making for him today, along with photos, IF it turns out ok!

 I love having interaction on my blog. What are you doing today?

What else would you like to see featured? 

If you are new, sending you a BIG HELLO! I hope you can stop by often  by clicking the "follow me" buttons or subscribing BELOW for updates via email, whenever I post.

Don't feel afraid to introduce yourself or say "hello"!  I LOVE meeting new people and I LOVE Comments!!! Just click on Comment to say hello!!

P.S. Stop by tomorrow for a really cool, Stampin' Up! Halloween Card!
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Becky B. said...

So pretty Barb!! I love the quote on the furniture. Thanks for sharing. Have a happy Sunday!


eiyiyi said...

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!!! Love your fall decorations Barb. It's such a beautiful time of year but not one we get to enjoy in South Florida so seeing your fall home is a real treat for me. My agenda today is helping a friend move into a new condo. Not my favorite activity but it beats watching the Eagles play! Enjoy your Sunday. Hugs, eileen

Kim V. said...

OK, this is beautiful. I am now going to decorate for fall this week! Thanks for the inspiration.

Kristy Bleau said...

I do always look at your blog... sometimes more than once... although I am terrible about posting comments. When I comment I find its easier to do on facebook. But I do understand how nice it is to KNOW that people are reading and appreciating the time you put into your posts. I am feeling the same way with My Enjoy and Be Healthy Page. Ive thought about starting a blog but don't know how and don't know that I would have the dedication to do it on a regular basis :) Enjoy your day!!!

KidzNkritters said...

OK, you have officially guilted me into decorating for fall! I am finally feeling well enough to do it. Sorry I missed the Birthday dinner.

jessie said...

Your decorations are soo cute, Barb!
Thank you for sharing!!!:)

Singerli3 said...

I too am a regular reader. Love all of your creations. Sorry, I am not so good at leaving comments.....

Tanya said...

Oh Barb I always read your blog, but I'm terrible about leaving comments ... I am so sorry....In the future I will certainly do more to let you know that I do appreciate your time and talent ....
I love your fall decorating .... I picked up a few new things yesterday while my friend and I were out shopping and today I'm bringing the rest of my fall stuff up from the basement ...I actually like decorating for fall more than I do for Christmas ......
I can't wait for the new recipe ...Hope your hubby has a great Bday .....

Lena's Creations said...

Hi Barb, I love your Fall decorations. As you know I read your blog everyday, just bad about leaving comments, which I shouldn't be because God knows I love it when people leave me comments on my blog! I promise to get better at it. I've been thinking about making a weekend post on my blog that is non-related to crafting. I think you've just given me the push I needed :) Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Birthday to Hubby!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Barb I love your fall decorations and always love reading your blog. Have to admit it gets hard to leave comments becasue you and only say your cards are beautiful and awesome so many ways!
Happy Birthday to Barb's hubby!
And now that I am back from church I am going to take an afternoon nap! Don't get many of those but hubby is tired and he went and laid down so I am going to go grab the couch! shhhh don't tell anyone!

Mary Burks said...

Great decor Barb. I do have to make a trip to TX to visit. Don't hold your breath though for now. Someday. I was looking for some TOHE stuff there but not sure I saw any. I got my tubs out of the shed just yesterday. Now need to take the next step. Great idea for this blog post I think.

Mimi said...

Barb your fall photos look wonderful! I didn't feel well this weekend so I didn't get much done at all. I actually started working on my Christmas cards a little today. Using Ballet Blue (remember that one?) and an old SU set. Can't remember the name off the top of my head. It is the one with baby Jesus in the manger. I am not quite sure how many I will need to I'm going to do about 50 first and then see. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Leirad a.k.a cuttlebug_fan said...

Happy B-day to your husband!! Barb, I love all the fall decorations and your house looks just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and please do not stop blogging, you are a fun blogger to read. I promise will leave comments more often.


barb pfister said...

Your decorations are beautiful. I have been making no tie fleece blankets for the grandchildren for Christmas. I am now going to start on some windows I am making for my children with stampin up vinyls that I bought.

aremus said...

Hope your husband had a great birthday! I love your decorations. The pumpkins are cute. Love seeing pumpkins everywhere.


Deena said...

So fall festive!! I am going to have to get on the ball and decorate. Thanks for the inspiration Barb!!

Deena C

The Fillhard's said...

This is a great idea. I always love to see other's home decor.

Anonymous said...

Oh my how beautiful! You did a great job decorating.