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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Still cleaning.......

Hi friends, still working on getting my room put back together. The flooding we had only damaged floors but it honestly was a good thing. We had to pack up everything on the first floor and I am slowly getting around to getting my craft room set back up. 

I have been spending the last month de-junking every single room upstairs including all closets. This is after 15 years of living here. So, all in all the flood was good but my craft room has been nagging at me.  After this is done we have the walk in pantry- huge and the 3 attics to do! Then I am having a massive garage and craft/teacher sale! I mean I have not taught in 15 years so why keep it now. Also do teens still need baby clothes? I did save them each 4 tubs full! I have a hard time letting go, but am really in a de-junking mode. When my house is less cluttered, hopefully my mind will be too!

Here are some of the yucko photos from yesterday. I still have tons of work left to do today and then tomorrow, I hopefully can show you good photos.
Honestly, it feels good to de-junk all the clutter in the house. I am the queen of nick nacks! 

This is just my messy desk. I can do this after one card making session. I got this cleaned up in minutes!

My messy island-oops photo is blurred. I removed it

I removed a set of tall shelves from here on the right, so I am limited in much space. I have boxes of paper work and card stock to sort through that are in boxes over there

My existing shelf is neat but I have tons of stuff on the ottoman to put away. Where? 

It has carried over into the living room. More stuff to sort and put away but with my other shelf gone, where?

Ok, after working on my room from 2pm-midnight last night this is what I woke up too. I honestly made more of a mess, cleaning up! 

Messy Island

I got the desk cleaned but pulled more stuff to organize, and messed it up again!

More stuff on island and my jetmax cubes but I did go through all of my cubes and organized everything!

I honestly wish I could twitch my nose and it would all be done! 
This is the toughest room of all. I even moved my son and the guest room and that was fun and moved the total room!

Well back to work!! I have lots more to do before the teenage slumber party tonight. Ugh, I hate those things!! You, have a nice weekend and stop on by tomorrow morning for the updated CLEAN photos! (IF I survive the 14 year old girl slumber party!) 

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aremus said...

Good luck with your daughter's slumber party.


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

You are definately muddeling through.... when you finish you can come do mine! LOL... you are experienced now!

cheryl porter chumbley said...

yea you! i so need to do this, but i can't seem to get myself going. maybe seeing yours all done will give me some motivation. have fun at the party!

bernshwag said...

You know you always create a bigger mess when you organize and de junk..I think that is why I have a hard time getting started! I'll be curious to see how long it takes before you start creating cuz that's another thing that is hard to do....To mess your space up after it looks so pretty and organized! Maybe it's just me though cuz I'm an awefully messy crafter...LOL