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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Simply Sunday~ Holy Cow! Crumbs Away Tray!

Good morning and Happy Sunday!
Thanks for stopping by for my Simply Sunday post!
Holy Cow! You got to try one of these awesome trays to believe them!
They are called Crumbs Away! Is the greatest invention or what!
Check out how this works!

You can use this for your Silverware Drawers, that is what I am using mine for. Don't you just hate when those crumbs get stuck there in your drawer when you think it should be a clean surface!

Or use for a Spice Organizer!

Or even a Bathroom Organizer!!!

The things I love about mine are:
1. The Crumbs Away tray is easier to clean than a standard drawer organizer.  All you have to do is lift the upper organizer tray with all your utensils or other items still in it and then simply wipe out the crumbs basin below.  No more removing all of your items from each compartment, cleaning each compartment, putting everything back in each compartment only to have the whole messy process start again.

2. The Crumbs Away Tray always keeps crumbs, gunk and their germs away from the things you are trying to keep clean and organized like utensils, other kitchen items, bathroom toiletries, makeup, tools, crafts, etc.  No more putting newly cleaned utensils or other items back in a dirty organizer.

You know how I always get excited to help others with their businesses when I believe in them! 
You can check out this great product at http://www.crumbsaway.com !!!! Please click so you can order one for yourselves!

I got my new "stash" in this week so I promise you lots of great cards! Stop on back please!
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bernshwag said...

Cool tray Barb, more than crumbs I hate it when dust gets into the drawers or cupboards..Seriously how does that happen? LOL

I think you should do a little haul video to show us the goodies up close and personal! I saw one the other day, actually it's the only one I have seen with the items from the new catty! Had me drooling over a couple of the dies, punches and stamps...

Hugs, Candi

Lori said...

I need one of those Trays!! How does so much get in that drawer!!!

cheryl porter chumbley said...

Hi Barb! Thanks for this idea. I 'm @ home so I don't if my e-mail is working @ work now or not. Take good care!