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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy here!

What have I been up to, you might ask? Or you might not care!
I have spent the last 4 days re-doing my Craftroom. Yes, again, again, again for about the 5th time. 
I used to have 2 big deep desks and one giant 4x6 foot 'art table" as I called it. My husband made it for the kids about 7 years ago. It used to have rolling drawer tubs under it but then I put jetmax cubes under it. Well Saturday night, after my workshop I started rearranging my stamp desk and stayed up till 2 am. Next day at 7 am I took out the big art desk and moved my jetmax cubes against the wall. I always wanted a long wall of them but due to the two tall shelves on the side, could only fit in 4. 

Here is the "After"  photo of the wall

I lost a huge workspace but it is neat and crisp looking. Oh that second glass door has two baskets in it too. Those magazine holders in the glass door are actually in another cube elsewhere. I am not sure about the wicker baskets. What do you think?  I do have wicker baskets on my tall shelves too. The tall shelves flank both sides of this new structure. I was so lucky to find the desktops when they told me they were not in existence any longer!

"Before" look- the big Art Desk- stored so much 

I loved the room much more open but then I decided to clutter it up some more and make a  double sided "workspace/desk" island in the middle for my little girl.

Here are some photos of both sides of the island. I still have my big office desk and my big stamping desk in here too and plenty more cubes.

All I have to do now is turn around from my desk in my lazy ole' swivel chair and I can reach my paper, my cutter and my Big Shot! I don't even have to get up!
This side houses my Stampin' Up Carstock and Patterned Paper Packs. The drawers have tools in them and some embellishments. 

This side has junky paper for my little girl to use. It is old and from the "craft stores" and I no longer use that paper. It is not as good as quality and does not "matchy match" but is handy to have around so my daughter does not have to ask to use my Stampin' Up paper on her school projects! She can have "free reign" on my junky junk paper but has to ask to use my Stampin' Up paper!  I even put a Grid Paper Pad on there for her to use.

I lost a lot of space when I took out the big table. You can look over to the right side on my blog and there is a video of an older look>>>>>>>

I will post when I have it totally finished but am just letting you know why I have not been around for days! 

Ok, I have not forgotten about my dear customers!

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Have a great Wednesday! 

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eiyiyi said...

Love the new look Barb. We must have been bitten by the same bug ... I spent the weekend rearranging my room as well. Not nearly as nice as yours but it functions pretty well. Can't wait to see the finished pics. hugs, eileen

Jessica Wekenman said...

Your room looks great, Barb! I love those glass doors on your jetmax cubes! I love the way you have your paper layed out! The pink machine, on the table with your bigshot...that's a paper cutter? I have never seen one like that! Oh, and you asked the other day about the flower frog... I got mine off ebay, I just searched flower frog, and it was just a couple bucks. I have heard that they sell them at Michaels!
Have a great day!

Saints Rule! said...

Love the new look Barb! I think I have the reorganization fever too! I really want to tear everything apart but I can't get away from my stamping table...
;-) If you are not sure about the wicker baskets why not spray paint them?

cricaholic said...

OH WOW!! very NICE!!! I love how you created a crafting space for your daughter...VERY THOUGHTFUL & NICE!!!
LOL...just like in my craftroom, I love how we can just wheel around in our chairs and don't have to get up...

barb pfister said...

i love the new room and I now have some good ideas for mine when I get back. Also wanted to comment about the paper share. Do you still have openings and I am a little confused on the papers I get, I saw the pictures posted but is that one share or do I have to sign up for more than one share. I am having trouble with email, I can't open anything here so just facebook me. Thanks

Barb said...

I never get tired of looking at your beautiful craft space! I dream of having a room like that someday. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!!

bernshwag said...

Your room looks so lovely Barb! I like how you flanked the wall with the JetMax cubes and the taller shelves..very, very nice space for your DD as well!


all4sydney said...

Very nice!! LOVE it!!

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Looking great in the ole craft room.... you can come redo mine when you are finished! :)

lynn said...

i love your new look, barb! i use a lot of wicker baskets and love them. mine are white with cotton liners--maybe you'd like yours better white? but it looks awesome as is:)