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Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm home! I love Salt Lake City! I LOVE Stampin' Up!

I am back home, exhasted but exhilerated. I love Utah and I love Stampin' Up! I just returned from our Convention. It was my first one and was a blast. It was a bit hard for me because in my 1st year (spring 2009- spring 2010)  I had already earned the Cruise, Founder's Circle for the top 100 demonstrators (I was number 56 in 2010) and also Rising Star #2 for the US in 2010. I did not earn any awards this year and will miss being with my fellow friends that did! It was hard to swallow at first because I worked my tail off this past year.

I did however have a good time!
Here I am at the " Stampin' Up Rock" at our facility in Riverton, Utah. I got to tour the Kanab, Utah facility last year at Founder's Circle but did not get my photo taken.

Here is the Riverton, Utah Facility. I will post inside photos on another day. Isn't this building gorgeous! It is such a happy place!

I got to see some of my awesome friends and meet new ones.
Here is my dear friend, Cara, from Canada. I met her at Founder's Circle last year and just love her. She is the sweetest. We had dinner together Saturday night with her darling downline, Chelsea.

Lunch with my dear friend, Mary from California, that I met 4 years ago at another convention ( a different biz). I just love her too!

I had the fortune to meet these great ladies! Love them all!
Zina, Jane and De Ann
I met Zina and De Ann on the Riverton tour and had dinner with them on Friday night. Here we are at our Make and Take on Saturday where we met Jane! Fun lady!

Jane referred to herself and me as the old ones and Zina and De as the young ones.

My team mates from Wisconsin were at the same restaurant on Saturday night. They were so welcoming to me! We wore the same color shirts each day and sat together at all the general shows. Thursday was orange, Friday was purple and Saturday was green.  I did not wear mine on Saturday so I pulled up the green napkin!

My wonderful upline, Mary Polcin and her sister Judy. What a sweet ladies! I felt so special being with their team and so honored to be on Mary's team.

Taking the train back with my Canadian buddies, Cara and darling, Chelsea. We took the train in every morning and rode it back at night. Hmm, photo won't turn right

It is all about the friendships that I have formed that make it most special for me!
Thank you, Stampin' Up for that opportunity!

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Saints Rule! said...

So glad you made it home safe and sound! It sounds like you had a fabulous time!

bernshwag said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time! Sorry you didn't win any awards this year but you have won plenty of our hearts with your kind and generous spirit! I have a feeling that this year will be your best ever....can't wait to see what you and Stampin Up have in-store for us!


cricaholic said...

HOME SWEET HOME! Happy your home, sorry ya didn't win anything at convention but you WON a lot of friends and loyal supporters!!! That's gotta count for something!!!LOL

Jane said...

Hi. I have had the flu this week which was not fun. Coming out of it now and I am going to do what I promised and send it on it's way. It was nice meeting you. Hope you are well. jane