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Monday, July 25, 2011

Workshop Fun!

Well the Convention has been over for a week and it was a week of tons of work! I worked non stop on getting my long distance club orders out, my paper and ribbon shares and also on reorganizing my Craft room. {When I am finished I will show you photos}  Oh yes, I also had a Workshop at my home. I hold a class once a month at my home so if you live in the Dallas area and would like to join me check on the right side of my blog for my schedule and contact me!

We always make 3 items and this is what we made on Saturday

I actually did 2 classes that day on the same thing! I only like to take 6 at a time so they have more individual attention and I needed space for 7 so  I split them up. It ended up only being  6 so I guess I could have done it all together. Here is the morning group.

My sweet neighbor Linda

My wonderful, true blue customer friend, Lori, who makes every class and is always in one of my clubs!  Paula came for the 1st time and did a wonderful job! She found me through Stampin' Up, after stamping at her mom's out of town. What a sweet girl! We loved having you, Paula! Paula is going to Skype with her mom and show her the cards we made! Did she like them Paula?

Barb T. What a fantastic artist. She helped us with our coloring. I met Barb T. from the Message Boards! I am glad you started coming to classes!

And then there is me, Barb G, looking very tired after my crazy week. I am showing how I have an image of the snowman stamp on my hand!

Round 2 started at 4 and Amy and Maria came. It was a smaller group but we had fun!
I met Amy, at my daughter's Horse Show last month. It ended up that she recognized me from a blog post I made about a year and a half ago! How she recognized me I don't know because it was so hot at that horseshow that, my hair looked like a dandylion that day!


Marie, ah sweet Marie! Marie hung around afterwards till about 8 and helped me clean up. I think we could talk for hours. I just met Amy and Marie a month ago but I feel like I have known them both a long time. Maybe because we all are "talkers" (no offense)  Probably because they are both addicted to Stampin' Up like I am!

Here is a photo of the Morning Group's Scalloped Circle Cards. Didn't they do a great job! I worked them hard!

They each chose whatever sentiment they wanted from the Curly Cute Stamp Set

After they left, I stayed up till 2 am and cleaned one of my 3 desks! I then got up at 6 am and spent yesterday rearranging my craft room and took out my largest work area. What was I thinking!! If I ever get it all cleaned up , I will show you photos! I just can't find the space now!

Well I hope everyone has a great week. What would make my week even greater is to help someone sign up to be on my Snowmanlover's Stamp Team! Don't miss out on the $99 Sign Up Special that is good for one week only!
Click HERE and HERE to find out more!!

Happy Week!

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barb pfister said...

I really love the cards you all made. I think I really like the snowman card as I trying to figure out my christmas cards for this year. I really like the scallop shape. I am glad you had good bu exhausting week. Hopefully things will slow down a little.

Jessica Wekenman said...

Looks like so much fun! Thanks for all your hard work getting our shares out to us! I got my paper and riibon on Saturday! I was so excited! Just in time for my weekend crafting! Thanks again!
I can't wait to see your room pics! :)

patty heeter said...

Looks like you had a great time, love the scalloped circle cards. Sorry, I had to miss out.


bernshwag said...

Looks like you girls had a wonderful time! Hope to make it to one of your classes someday soon!


Marie said...

Thanks Barb for having an extra round so that I could join in the fun! I had a great time. It is so much fun when we get together. I think you are right about the "talker" part. LOL!
I can't wait to see the pics of your room after your done.