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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting Ready for Stampin' Up Founder's Circle Trip!

I am so honored to be going to Stampin' Up's Founder's Circle in Utah next week! Only about 135 are chosen out of over 4,000 demos so this came as quit a surprise to me!

The gifts keep coming from Stampin' Up!
Look at these darling things they sent us to travel with!

A large travel carry on  bag with a darling flower lining.

Then the other day I got my travel tickets, tags , etc in this darling matching pouch.  How fun is that!

OK, here is the not so fun part. I have been working diligently for WEEKS making my 135 card fronts for my swaps! You see on one night we have a big pajama party and can swap out cards if we choose to. I was hesitant but my little girl did not want me to be left out and said she would help. Well she is so social and not around much to be of any help.

My wonderful customer, Patty came over to help me one day and my customer Kerry stopped by that  day to pay me and pitched in too. My awesome downline Evelyn, offered to help but I finished early with my little girl doing the gluing part with her tiny,little fingers. For the most part,  I did them on my own and what a chore, but this way I won't be left out on the Pajama Party Card Swap and get to bring home 135 card fronts, which will be great to get workshop ideas for!

Here they are all packed up in plastic containers and ready to go. They take up my entire carry on bag that they sent me .
I am the type that has to be ready before an event!! 

I will be sure to take photos while I am gone and share them when I get back.
Am I excited? Not yet.
Am I nervous? Very!!
Am I outgoing and friendly? VERY!
But I am also VERY shy when I am in a large group of people who already know each other!!

Oh I forgot to add, the best part that I am so excited about, is I get to meet Bridget Lopez , my blogging and message board friend! She is coming to the airport to meet me for about 5 minutes before I have to catch a bus!  I am so excited! I love that girl!! Too bad she can't bring her 4 boys with her!!


~BridgetL~ said...

I think its great that H helped you out and you had others helping or offering to help. You know I would If I lived nearby. You are going to have a great time. :)

Pattyheeter said...

I had a great time helping you with your cards, I know it will be fun to see what cards the others have made. Have a great time.....

~BridgetL~ said...

Barb you are too sweet. I can't wait to meet you even if it is just for 5 min. Yep the boys have to be in school at that time otherwise they'd be there. See you soon :)


Patty, thanks again for your help. Bridget, I just can't wait to meet you!

erin lee creative said...

AWESOME! I'm very excited for you!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

How exciting Barb. Congrats to you, I have seen how much you do, you definitely deserve this trip. AND how fun to meet Bridget, she is a sweetheart, I was so lucky to meet her and Carol at CHA... Love them both. Have a FUN trip.

scrapguy said...

You are going to have a blast---cant wait to hear about your adventures

bernshwag said...

Oh Barb, I'm sooooo excited for you! You really did earn and deserve this trip...I know you will be just fine and probably the highlight of the PJ party!! LOL Wish I could be a stow away in your bag. Can't wait to see pictures and to hear about the great times you had!

Love ya,

Ladybug said...

How exciting for you that you won that trip and.....to meet Bridget -- another exciting thing! She's a sweetie!! :-)

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Have a wonderful time and tell Bridget hello from me! So glad you get to meet with her on your way to your trip.