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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stampin' Up Founder's Circle Day 3- Pajama Party Card Swap

The 3rd night was our Pajama Party Card Swap! What a blast!
Prior to that I met with my new Canadian friends,  Susan and Cara to go to the mall but first a stop in  the Hospitality room. Here are the goodies for the day that I passed on!

 Susan and Cara from Canada were so much fun to hang around with

The Stampin' Up home office staff waited on us hand and foot the entire time. Here is a photo of these crazy ladies!

 This is Fanny. She is from Canada as well. I asked to take her photo. She only speaks French.

 Here we are sitting on the "50's style couch in the lobby waiting for our bus to take us to dinner.

Dinner at the Panama Grill with Denise, Audra, Colleen, Cara, Susan, Shari, myself and Mary Ann

Back to our rooms to get into our Pajamas. The Party starts at 8 pm! Here are my 135 swaps! They took me weeks to make. I just love our little owl punch!

Upon entering the room, they handed us some popcorn. I said, "no thank you" but they insisted as it was not popcorn at all but a beautiful journal and pen  inside the popcorn box!

Here is our wonderful staff! They either slept in their uniforms or worked through each night!

Shelli is so busy getting her swaps ready to share with her gorgeous and sweet daughters Sara and Chele'.
They did not make cards but made these darling cloth bags (our fabric we sell)  filled with candy.

Bonnie and I. What a blast that lady is. I laughed at EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that lady said!
I am wearing purple sock monkey pajama pants and sock monkey slippers but do not have a photo of me.

Before the swap we had a business "share". I sat with Mary Ellen and Kristin K. They served real popcorn and bottles of old fashioned kinds of soda. I skipped on that too, so don't ask me how I gained 3 lbs!

Mary Ellen and I

Here is Susan with some things she made out of our fabric

And Dawn with some Pajamas made out of our Fabric!

I don't have a photo of us lining throughout the hotel in a loooooooong row, but I have seen other blogs and I am in their photos of the card swap.

After the Swap, I sat around and talked with Shelli. She is sooo great! Then back to the room. Here is our Pillow Gift! The box is so cute and I even took all of our boxes home!

Hmm, I wonder what is in store for us tomorrow as the note says to wear this and our team scarves and be down in the lobby by noon.

Whadathink?  I am thinking bowling and pizza???

Stay tuned to see tomorrow what Day 4 will bring! In the meantime I am back home and here are the Swap Boards I made up to share with you!

 My Christmas Card Board

More Christmas! There were so many Christmas Cards at the Swap!

Halloween and Fall board

My "Vintage" Board"

And my "Whimsical" Board. My card is on this board. I am very much into "Whimsy"!

Please come back to visit my blog and see what Day 4 at Founder's Circle will bring!
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Lisa said...

Love all the cards! Looks like a good time was had by all.

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Wwow! They really pampered you ladies! Everything looks fun and amazing! Thanks for sharing!

cricaholic said...

GOOD for YOU!!! It looks like you had a BLAST!!!

Deena said...

Wow look at all those cards! Looks like you had a wonderful time...and you deserved it!

bernshwag said...

I'm so happy that you had a wonderful time! Love all of the "Boards" but by far I have to say the vintage is my fav! LOL

Betty said...

i so want to make those pajamas! what was in that swap basket ? ! ?