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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stampin' Up Founder's Circle~ Day 4 Final Event

Well you saw the photos of our Pillow Gift from the night before, right? Well the next morning we get all ready in our bowling shirts (I have not ironed in ages) and load the bus. I am thinking we are going bowling, right? Well I was wrong and so were many others. We were going to the Convention Center for a really nice lunch and Wii bowling!

Loading the bus

 Susan and Cara from Canada

Shelli's gorgeous and sweet daughter, Chele
Our darling table

Our placemats

Jill and I. Jill is from Pennsylvania and so sweet! We rode the buses together quite a bit! She was one of my table partners and team mates (our group had to wear the white scarves, mine is in my hair)

Time to bowl! Shelli was on our team and at our table and she was a blast!
Wendy, Shelli, Debbie, me, Shelli's mom, Pat, Jenny, Jill and Meg- The Paper Daisies group! Each group also had to make a cheer and ours was the absolute worst! None of us, including Shelli, wanted to get up there and cheer in front of everyone! Some of the cheers were so hilarious. Here it is a week later and those crazy chants are all still in my mind! You can view them on You Tube by typing in Founder's Circle Cheer Competition.

Pat, Sara and Shelli- Shelli's beautiful mom and daughter! Look at those smiles!

I popped into the Utah Regional Convention next door so I could meet Bridget's SU demonstrators- Kira and Scott- a brother sister duo!

Back to the hotel for a quick dinner buffet and then board the bus for Tuachan where we enjoyed George Gerswhin's "Crazy for You". It was great!
 The Scenery was gorgeous!

Our two darling organizers, Glenda and Meg!

Back home for pillow gifts!
Wow, look at this lovely sweater! It is "so Shelli" with the lace and ribbon trim and look at all the work that went into it!

I love the darling box it came in! Check out the sleeve! Yep, this is a rubber stamp!

 Next morning.  I just had to get this photo of Fanny, the French Canadian girl who only spoke French. I gave her this little flag that the cashier at TJMax had given me earlier that day when I went with Cara.

What a great trip this has been! Absolutely unforgettable!! We were treated like royalty. I am so crazy about the company I work, hmm, play for!!! Thank you Shelli and SU staff!

Thank you for following me this week for Founder's Circle. I hope you stay on as a regular follower!

Stay tuned next week for some  Spooky & Fun Halloween cards!


cricaholic said...

WOW!! You had FUN FUN and some more FUN!!!

eiyiyi said...

The trip looks terrific and so do you! hugs, eileen

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Looks like you had a great time and that is what it is all about... A little r&r along with a new burst of energy.

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Wow... more goodies! What a great time you had.

Mandy said...

What a great time you all had!

Mary Burks said...

Thanks for sharing all of this. Looks like you had a blast! See? I knew you would!