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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stampin' Up Founders' Circle 2010~ Day 2 Kanab, Utah!

Oh what a fun day this was!!!
Today is the day we went to Kanab, Utah to tour Shelli's Stamp Facility. We took a 2 hour bus ride through the gorgeous roads to the plant. Once there we were greeted by the staff all lined up outside with signs and cheering for us and shaking our hands as we went through. They treated us like we were royalty although we are all the same! This trip was optional but oh I highly recommend it! It was fascinating!

Once inside the building, I noticed all the gorgeous sunlights an ceilings.  They use the skylights to reduce electrical consumption and they are gorgeous! Take a peek!

Here is the entry with a warm welcome sign greeting us.

 The employees were all so very nice and they had all made hand made name tags for themselves! In fact when you walk in, there is a showcase with some of the items they have made. I also found out that they hand make cards for those getting the new starter kits! Here is a sample of a few of the things they make!

Once inside we split into groups with some of taking the tour and some of us in the gorgeous meeting room chatting with a panel of employees. I took the tour first.  Going through the warehouse was so neat. The employees were so nice. It was the cleanest place I have ever seen! What was so neat, is we got to help if we wanted to! I got to help "bake" the stamps, take them out of the "oven" and then cut them. I got to help assemble the papers in the Clear Mount cases and will think about that everytime I open a case up!! I have a greater appreciation of what goes into making our Stampin' Up stamps now!

Once we toured the warehouse part we got to go up some set of staircases to see Shelli's living quarters for out of tow guests. This area is for when employees come into town or when she has her family over.
She has all the rooms decorated, just "So Shelli" in her Shabby Chic style.  Each room is filled with darling antiques that fit the style of that particular room.  I loved the big ledges up high near the ceilings. They were all filled with such fun things.  This room was my favorite!

Here is another room. There were three bedrooms.

Here is a photo of Mary Ellen and I.  She is the most darling girl, so full of spunk and one of our number one Demos!

Shelli and I in her "family room"

After the tour we went into the gathering room and got to talk to a panel of the employees and ask questions.  Then we went outside for the "Famous" photo but guess what? My friend from Canada {hi Cara} and I were the last in line and we did not get to get our photos taken by the rock. We were very sad about that but it was time to board the bus to go to the park for a catered picnic.

Now off to the park for a wonderful time. We had a great lunch and got our these darling lunch "purse".  Many of the girls used them for purses the rest of the week.


Here is a view from our picnic area.

Shelli was on our bus and explained that the city park was not very clean and kids were not able to play there. She and her husband cleaned it up and donate rubber for the playground. There were so many happy kids and happy demonstrators playing there! Here we are with our toes in the rubber! I'm the far right foot with the pink polish and flowers. I love my pedicures!

Playing in the rubber with Connie and Denise

We stopped to shop at a little shop. This is outside of the shopping area.

Time to head back on the bus. We played games going back and had a chance to win prizes. I didn't win but it was fun! Here is a view from the bus.

Back at the hotel and in the Hospitality room. Everyday there were new snacks there and a game called Plinko, where we got to earn daily prizes!

Each day we also had homemade Chocolates!

Dinner that night was on our own. Stampin' Up was so generous and deposited a per diem in our account to cover the two nights out on our own. I went with a group of woman to Iggy's. I was really in need of a Salad. I skipped the Candy Apples the 1st night and skipped the Cookies the second night!!  I did eat the candy and felt so in need of veggies!

Then back to our room. Oh I just loved my " Stampin Up Pillow Gift"!
(Please  come back to get that photo!- My photo did not turn out and it seems like my little girl has "walked" off with my Pillow Gift!"- please come back this evening to view this photo- it was my favorite gift of all!) 

Ok I found my Pillow Gifts in my daughter's room! 
Here they are! 

When we arrived back to our rooms that night, I found this darling "cupcake" on my bed. The "toppings" were made of our ribbons and buttons!
I was thrilled with just that for a gift but lo and behold when I picked it up, the "cupcake" opened up and out popped this gorgeous necklace that Shelli had made all of us!  We sell these charms and necklaces. Aren't they gorgeous! You can decorate them how you like! I just love the gorgeous beveled glass.  What a great idea for gifts!

I wore this everyday the rest of the trip along with the Tiffany Star Necklace that was sent to me for being #2 of the 5 top Rising Stars. Check out the photos for my Star Necklace!

Please stay tuned for Day 3 of Founder's Circle!!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

What great pictures Barb.. so glad you are having such a great time.

just2ducky said...

Love the pics. Looking forward to the rest of your stories. Have a fab time!

~ Lorrie ~ said...

I'm so jealous.. .looks like an awesome time!!

LisaLisa said...

Wow Barb, you got to do alot! Again, well-deserved!